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Authors: Dulkys, Y Kluthe, C Buschermohle, T Barg, I Knoss, S Kapp, A Proudfoot, AEI Elsner, J
Citation: Y. Dulkys et al., IL-3 induces down-regulation of CCR3 protein and mRNA in human eosinophils, J IMMUNOL, 167(6), 2001, pp. 3443-3453

Authors: Boker, T Bacinski, J Bergeron, L Calzetti, D Jones, M Gilmore, D Holfeltz, S Monroe, B Nota, A Sosey, M Schneider, G O'Neil, E Hubbard, P Ferro, A Barg, I Stobie, E
Citation: T. Boker et al., Properties of PACE-I HgCdTe detectors in space: the NICMOS warm-up monitoring program, PUB AST S P, 113(785), 2001, pp. 859-871
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