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Authors: Abu, JI Habiba, MA Baker, R Halligan, AWF Naftalin, NJ Hsu, R Taub, N
Citation: Ji. Abu et al., Quantitative and qualitative assessment of women's experience of a one-stop menstrual clinic in comparison with traditional gynaecology clinics, BR J OBST G, 108(9), 2001, pp. 993-999

Authors: Aksay, E Gamkrelidze, G Seung, HS Baker, R Tank, DW
Citation: E. Aksay et al., In vivo intracellular recording and perturbation of persistent activity ina neural integrator, NAT NEUROSC, 4(2), 2001, pp. 184-193

Authors: Baker, R Leshchinsky, D
Citation: R. Baker et D. Leshchinsky, Spatial distribution of safety factors, J GEOTECH G, 127(2), 2001, pp. 135-145

Authors: Baker, R Hausch, A McDowell, B
Citation: R. Baker et al., Reducing the variability of oxygen consumption measurements, GAIT POSTUR, 13(3), 2001, pp. 202-209

Authors: Baker, R
Citation: R. Baker, Pelvic angles: a mathematically rigorous definition which is consistent with a conventional clinical understanding of the terms, GAIT POSTUR, 13(1), 2001, pp. 1-6

Authors: Katbamna, S Baker, R Ahmad, W Bhakta, P Parker, G
Citation: S. Katbamna et al., Development of guidelines to facilitate improved support of South Asian carers by primary health care teams, QUAL HEAL C, 10(3), 2001, pp. 166-172

Authors: Baker, R
Citation: R. Baker, Biothics and human rights: A historical perspective, CAMB Q H E, 10(3), 2001, pp. 241-252

Authors: Baker, R
Citation: R. Baker, Major accessions to repositories in 1998, relations to women's history, WOM HIST R, 10(1), 2001, pp. 93-98

Authors: Baker, R Reddish, S Robertson, N Hearnshaw, H Jones, B
Citation: R. Baker et al., Management of patients with depression - Response, BR J GEN PR, 51(472), 2001, pp. 933-933

Authors: Baker, R Reddish, S Robertson, N Hearnshaw, H Jones, B
Citation: R. Baker et al., Randomised controlled trial of tailored strategies to implement guidelinesfor the management of patients with depression in general practice, BR J GEN PR, 51(470), 2001, pp. 737-741

Authors: Khunti, K Baker, R
Citation: K. Khunti et R. Baker, Diabetes in primary care: study raises questions - Authors' response, BR J GEN PR, 51(468), 2001, pp. 583-584

Authors: Khunti, K Ganguli, S Baker, R Lowy, A
Citation: K. Khunti et al., Features of primary care associated with variations in process and outcomeof care of people with diabetes, BR J GEN PR, 51(466), 2001, pp. 356-360

Authors: Grimshaw, GM Khunti, K Baker, R
Citation: Gm. Grimshaw et al., Diagnosis of heart failure in primary care: an assessment of internationalguidelines, BR J GEN PR, 51(466), 2001, pp. 384-386

Authors: Baker, R
Citation: R. Baker, Is it time to review the idea of compliance with guidelines?, BR J GEN PR, 51(462), 2001, pp. 7-7

Authors: Baker, R
Citation: R. Baker, The show must go on, BR MED J, 322(7280), 2001, pp. 245-245

Authors: Baker, R
Citation: R. Baker, Outpatient hysteroscopy versus day case hysteroscopy - What exactly is patient satisfaction?, BR MED J, 322(7277), 2001, pp. 48-48

Authors: McKinley, RK Fraser, RC Baker, R
Citation: Rk. Mckinley et al., Assessing clinical competence and revalidation of clinicians - Reply, BR MED J, 322(7302), 2001, pp. 1601-1601

Authors: Eikelboom, J Baker, R
Citation: J. Eikelboom et R. Baker, Routine home treatment of deep vein thrombosis - Is now a reality, BR MED J, 322(7296), 2001, pp. 1192-1193

Authors: McKinley, RK Fraser, RC Baker, R
Citation: Rk. Mckinley et al., Model for directly assessing and improving clinical competence and performance in revalidation of clinicians, BR MED J, 322(7288), 2001, pp. 712-715

Authors: Pearson, IC Baker, R Sullivan, AK Nelson, MR Gazzard, BG
Citation: Ic. Pearson et al., Meningococcal infection in patients with the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficency syndrome, INT J STD A, 12(6), 2001, pp. 410-411

Authors: He, T Carpinello, L Baker, R Knippenberg, S Das, A Winston, L McClanahan, S
Citation: T. He et al., Safety of three toothbrushes, AM J DENT, 14(3), 2001, pp. 123-126

Authors: Baker, R Brockhaus, A Boucier, D Chapman, L Collins, J Goldenhar, L Heaney, C Katz, T Landsbergis, P Martonik, J Most, I Schneider, S Scharf, T Sinclair, R
Citation: R. Baker et al., May 2000 supplement on preventing occupational injuries, AM J PREV M, 20(4), 2001, pp. 308-309

Authors: Mainous, AG Baker, R Love, MM Gray, DP Gill, JM
Citation: Ag. Mainous et al., Continuity of care and trust in one's physician: Evidence from primary care in the United States and the United Kingdom, FAM MED, 33(1), 2001, pp. 22-27

Authors: Michaud, GF Tada, H Chough, S Baker, R Wasmer, K Sticherling, C Oral, H Pelosi, F Knight, BP Strickberger, SA Morady, F
Citation: Gf. Michaud et al., Differentiation of atypical atrioventricular node re-entrant tachycardia from orthodromic reciprocating tachycardia using a septal accessory, pathwayby the response to ventricular pacing, J AM COL C, 38(4), 2001, pp. 1163-1167

Authors: Avery, P Prescott, C Rubiera, AI Stoeck, H Yelton, J Brandenburg, G Ershov, A Kim, DYJ Wilson, R Bergfeld, T Eisenstein, BI Ernst, J Gladding, GE Gollin, GD Hans, RM Johnson, E Karliner, I Marsh, MA Plager, C Sedlack, C Selen, M Thaler, JJ Williams, J Edwards, KW Sadoff, AJ Ammar, R Bean, A Besson, D Zhao, X Anderson, S Frolov, VV Kubota, Y Lee, SJ O'Neill, JJ Poling, R Smith, A Stepaniak, CJ Urheim, J Ahmed, S Alam, MS Athar, SB Jian, L Ling, L Saleem, M Timm, S Wappler, F Anastassov, A Eckhart, E Gan, KK Gwon, C Hart, T Honscheid, K Hufnagel, D Kagan, H Kass, R Pedlar, TK Thayer, JB von Toerne, E Zoeller, MM Richichi, SJ Severini, H Skubic, P Undrus, A Savinov, V Chen, S Fast, J Hinson, JW Lee, J Miller, DH Shibata, EI Shipsey, IPJ Pavlunin, V Cronin-Hennessy, D Lyon, AL Thorndike, EH Coan, TE Fadeyev, V Gao, YS Maravin, Y Narsky, I Stroynowski, R Ye, J Wlodek, T Artuso, M Boulahouache, C Bukin, K Dambasuren, E Majumder, G Mountain, R Schuh, S Skwarnicki, T Stone, S Wang, JC Wolf, A Wu, J Kopp, S Kostin, M Mahmood, AH Csorna, SE Danko, I McLean, KW Xu, Z Godang, R Bonvicini, G Cinabro, D Dubrovin, M McGee, S Zhou, GJ Bornheim, A Lipeles, E Pappas, SP Shapiro, A Sun, WM Weinstein, AJ Jaffe, DE Mahapatra, R Masek, G Paar, HP Asner, DM Eppich, A Hill, TS Morrison, RJ Briere, RA Chen, GP Ferguson, T Vogel, H Gritsan, A Alexander, JP Baker, R Bebek, C Berger, BE Berkelman, K Blanc, F Boisvert, V Cassel, DG Drell, PS Duboscq, JE Ecklund, KM Ehrlich, R Gaidarev, P Galik, RS Gibbons, L Gittelman, B Gray, SW Hartill, DL Heltsley, BK Hopman, PI Hsu, L Jones, CD Kandaswamy, J Kreinick, DL Lohner, M Magerkurth, A Meyer, TO Mistry, NB Nordberg, E Palmer, M Patterson, JR Peterson, D Riley, D Romano, A Schwarthoff, H Thayer, JG Urner, D Valant-Spaight, B Viehhauser, G Warburton, A
Citation: P. Avery et al., Search for CP violation in tau ->pi pi(0)nu(tau) decay - art. no. 092005, PHYS REV D, 6409(9), 2001, pp. 2005
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