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Authors: Matsumoto, M Seya, T Kikkawa, S Tsuji, S Shida, K Nomura, M Kurita-Taniguchi, M Ohigashi, H Yokouchi, H Takami, H Hayashi, A Azuma, I Masaoka, T Kodama, K Toyoshima, K
Citation: M. Matsumoto et al., Interferon gamma-producing ability in blood lymphocytes of patients with lung cancer through activation of the innate immune system by BCG cell wall skeleton, INT IMMUNO, 1(8), 2001, pp. 1559-1569

Authors: Azuma, I Seya, T
Citation: I. Azuma et T. Seya, Development of immunoadjuvants for immunotherapy of cancer, INT IMMUNO, 1(7), 2001, pp. 1249-1259

Authors: Yoon, TJ Yoo, YC Kang, TB Her, E Kim, SH Kim, K Azuma, I Kim, JB
Citation: Tj. Yoon et al., Cellular and humoral adjuvant activity of lectins isolated from Korean mistletoe (Viscum album colaratum), INT IMMUNO, 1(5), 2001, pp. 881-889

Authors: Waki, M Sugiyama, T Watanabe, N Ogawa, T Shirahase, H Azuma, I
Citation: M. Waki et al., Effect of topically applied iganidipine dihydrochloride, a novel calcium antagonist, on optic nerve head circulation in rabbits, JPN J OPHTH, 45(1), 2001, pp. 76-83

Authors: Seya, T Begum, NA Nomura, M Tsuji, S Matsumoto, M Hayashi, A Azuma, I Toyoshima, K
Citation: T. Seya et al., Innate immune therapy for cancer - Screen for molecules capable of activating the innate immune system, ADV EXP MED, 465, 2000, pp. 229-237

Authors: Sugiyama, T Schwartz, B Takamoto, T Azuma, I
Citation: T. Sugiyama et al., Evaluation of the circulation in the retina, peripapillary choroid and optic disk in normal-tension glaucoma, OPHTHAL RES, 32(2-3), 2000, pp. 79-86

Authors: Suzuki, M Mishima, HK Masuda, K Araie, M Kitazawa, Y Azuma, I
Citation: M. Suzuki et al., Efficacy and safety of latanoprost eye drops for glaucoma treatment: A 1-year study in Japan, JPN J OPHTH, 44(1), 2000, pp. 33-38

Authors: Tsuji, S Matsumoto, M Takeuchi, O Akira, S Azuma, I Hayashi, A Toyoshima, K Seya, T
Citation: S. Tsuji et al., Maturation of human dendritic cells by cell wall skeleton of Mycobacteriumbovis bacillus Calmette-Guerin: Involvement of Toll-like receptors, INFEC IMMUN, 68(12), 2000, pp. 6883-6890

Authors: Tono-oka, S Azuma, I
Citation: S. Tono-oka et I. Azuma, Terminal diols as efficient substrates for transglycosylational activity of NAD glycohydrolase, NUCLEOS NUC, 18(1), 1999, pp. 39-49

Authors: Hayashi, A Nakamura, H Sugihara, T Azuma, I
Citation: A. Hayashi et al., BCG-cell wall skeleton completely cures the immunologically eligible acuteleukemia patients, P JPN AC B, 75(10), 1999, pp. 295-300

Authors: Yoon, TJ Yoo, YC Kang, TB Shimazaki, K Song, SK Lee, KH Kim, SH Park, CH Azuma, I Kim, JB
Citation: Tj. Yoon et al., Lectins isolated from Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) induce apoptosis in tumor cells, CANCER LETT, 136(1), 1999, pp. 33-40

Authors: Watanabe, R Yoo, YC Hata, K Mitobe, M Koike, Y Nishizawa, M Garcia, DM Nobuchi, Y Imagawa, H Yamada, H Azuma, I
Citation: R. Watanabe et al., Inhibitory effect of trehalose dimycolate (TDM) and its stereoisometric derivatives, trehalose dicorynomycolates (TDCMs), with low toxicity on lung metastasis of tumour cells in mice, VACCINE, 17(11-12), 1999, pp. 1484-1492

Authors: Hagiwara, K Kuribayashi, Y Iwai, H Azuma, I Tokura, S Ikuta, K Ishihara, C
Citation: K. Hagiwara et al., A sulfated chitin inhibits hemagglutination by Theileria sergenti merozoites, CARBOHY POL, 39(3), 1999, pp. 245-248

Authors: Oku, H Sugiyama, T Kojima, S Watanabe, T Azuma, I
Citation: H. Oku et al., Experimental optic cup enlargement caused by endothelin-1-induced chronic optic nerve head ischemia, SURV OPHTHA, 44, 1999, pp. S74-S84

Authors: Sugiyama, T Azuma, I Araie, M Fujisawa, S Urashima, H Nagasawa, M
Citation: T. Sugiyama et al., Effect of continuous intravenous infusion of carteolol chloride on tissue blood flow in rabbit optic nerve head, JPN J OPHTH, 43(6), 1999, pp. 490-494

Authors: Shimazawa, M Sugiyama, T Azuma, I Araie, M Iwakura, Y Watari, M Sakai, T Hara, H
Citation: M. Shimazawa et al., Effect of lomerizine, a new Ca2+ channel blocker, on the microcirculation in the optic nerve head in conscious rabbits: a study using a laser speckletechnique, EXP EYE RES, 69(2), 1999, pp. 185-193

Authors: Toda, M Okamura, T Fujimiya, M Azuma, I Toda, N
Citation: M. Toda et al., Mechanisms underlying the neurogenic relaxation of isolated porcine sphincter pupillae, EXP EYE RES, 68(4), 1999, pp. 505-512

Authors: Begum, NA Tsuji, S Nomura, R Shida, K Azuma, I Hayashi, A Matsumoto, M Seya, T Toyoshima, K
Citation: Na. Begum et al., Human MD-1 homologue is a BCG-regulated gene product in monocytes: Its identification by differential display, BIOC BIOP R, 256(2), 1999, pp. 325-329

Authors: Tokura, S Tamura, H Azuma, I
Citation: S. Tokura et al., Immunological aspects of chitin and chitin derivatives administered to animals, EXS, 87, 1999, pp. 279-292
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