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Authors: Kozlov, IA Zielinski, M Allart, B Kerremans, L Van Aerschot, A Busson, R Herdewijn, P Orgel, LE
Citation: Ia. Kozlov et al., Nonenzymatic template-directed reactions on altritol oligomers, preorganized analogues of oligonucleotides, CHEM-EUR J, 6(1), 2000, pp. 151-155

Authors: Froeyen, M Wroblowski, B Esnouf, R De Winter, H Allart, B Lescrinier, E Herdewijn, P
Citation: M. Froeyen et al., Molecular-dynamics studies of single-stranded hexitol, altritol, mannitol,and ribose nucleic acids (HNA, MNA, ANA, and RNA, resp,) and of the stability of HNA center dot RNA, ANA center dot RNA, and MNA center dot RNA duplexes, HELV CHIM A, 83(9), 2000, pp. 2153-2182

Authors: Allart, B Khan, K Rosemeyer, H Schepers, G Hendrix, C Rothenbacher, K Seela, F Van Aerschot, A Herdewijn, P
Citation: B. Allart et al., D-Altritol nucleic acids (ANA): Hybridisation properties, stability, and initial structural analysis, CHEM-EUR J, 5(8), 1999, pp. 2424-2431

Authors: Herdewijn, P Allart, B De Bouvere, B De Winter, H Hendrix, C Hossain, N Schepers, G Verheggen, I Wroblowski, B Van Aerschot, A
Citation: P. Herdewijn et al., Properties of oligonucleotides with six membered carbohydrate mimics and a1,4-relationship between the base moiety and the hydroxymethyl group, NUCLEOS NUC, 18(6-7), 1999, pp. 1371-1376

Authors: Allart, B Guillerm, D Guillerm, G
Citation: B. Allart et al., On the catalytic mechanism of adenosylhomocysteine methylthioadenosine nucleosidase from E-coli., NUCLEOS NUC, 18(4-5), 1999, pp. 861-862

Authors: Allart, B Busson, R Rozenski, J Van Aerschot, A Herdewijn, P
Citation: B. Allart et al., Synthesis of protected D-altritol nucleosides as building blocks for oligonucleotide synthesis, TETRAHEDRON, 55(21), 1999, pp. 6527-6546
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