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Table of contents of journal: *Marine ecology. Progress series

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Authors: Visser, AW
Citation: Aw. Visser, Hydromechanical signals in the plankton, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 1-24

Authors: Moran, XAG Gasol, JM Pedros-Alio, C Estrada, M
Citation: Xag. Moran et al., Dissolved and particulate primary production and bacterial production in offshore Antarctic waters during austral summer: coupled or uncoupled?, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 25-39

Authors: Menden-Deuer, S Lessard, EJ Satterberg, J
Citation: S. Menden-deuer et al., Effect of preservation on dinoflagellate and diatom cell volume and consequences for carbon biomass predictions, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 41-50

Authors: Archambault, P Banwell, K Underwood, AJ
Citation: P. Archambault et al., Temporal variation in the structure of intertidal assemblages following the removal of sewage, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 51-62

Authors: Kuffner, IB Paul, VJ
Citation: Ib. Kuffner et Vj. Paul, Effects of nitrate, phosphate and iron on the growth of macroalgae and benthic cyanobacteria from Cocos Lagoon, Guam, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 63-72

Authors: Vila, M Garces, E Maso, M Camp, J
Citation: M. Vila et al., Is the distribution of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella expanding along the NW Mediterranean coast, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 73-83

Authors: Coffroth, MA Santos, SR Goulet, TL
Citation: Ma. Coffroth et al., Early ontogenetic expression of specificity in a cnidarian-algal symbiosis, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 85-96

Authors: Loh, WKW Loi, T Carter, D Hoegh-Guldberg, O
Citation: Wkw. Loh et al., Genetic variability of the symbiotic dinoflagellates from the wide rangingcoral species Seriatopora hystrix and Acropora longicyathus in the Indo-West Pacific, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 97-107

Authors: Shaughnessy, FJ DeWreede, RE
Citation: Fj. Shaughnessy et Re. Dewreede, Size, survival and the potential for reproduction in transplants of Mazzaella splendens and M-linearis (Rhodophyta), MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 109-118

Authors: Chaparro, OR Soto, CJ Thompson, RJ Concha, II
Citation: Or. Chaparro et al., Feeding behaviour during brooding in the oyster Ostrea chilensis: gut retention time in adults and larvae and potential use of larval faeces by adults, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 119-129

Authors: Wiklund, AKE Sundelin, B
Citation: Ake. Wiklund et B. Sundelin, Impaired reproduction in the amphipods Monoporeia affinis and Pontoporeia femorata as a result of moderate hypoxia and increased temperature, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 131-141

Authors: Natunewicz, CC Epifanio, CE Garvine, RW
Citation: Cc. Natunewicz et al., Transport of crab larval patches in the coastal ocean, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 143-154

Authors: Hinz, S Sulkin, S Strom, S Testermann, J
Citation: S. Hinz et al., Discrimination in ingestion of protistan prey by larval crabs, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 155-162

Authors: Heck, KL Coen, LD Morgan, SG
Citation: Kl. Heck et al., Pre- and post-settlement factors as determinants of juvenile blue crab Callinectes sapidus abundance: results from the north-central Gulf of Mexico, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 163-176

Authors: Smith, IP Jensen, AC Collins, KJ Mattey, EL
Citation: Ip. Smith et al., Movement of wild European lobsters Homarus gammarus in natural habitat, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 177-186

Authors: Williams, ID Polunin, NVC Hendrick, VJ
Citation: Id. Williams et al., Limits to grazing by herbivorous fishes and the impact of low coral cover on macroalgal abundance on a coral reef in Belize, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 187-196

Authors: Wilson, DT Meekan, MG
Citation: Dt. Wilson et Mg. Meekan, Environmental influences on patterns of larval replenishment in coral reeffishes, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 197-208

Authors: Mumby, PJ Chisholm, JRM Edwards, AJ Andrefouet, S Jaubert, J
Citation: Pj. Mumby et al., Cloudy weather may have saved Society Island reef corals during the 1998 ENSO event, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 209-216

Authors: Rueda, M
Citation: M. Rueda, Spatial distribution of fish species in a tropical estuarine lagoon: a geostatistical appraisal, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 217-226

Authors: Zhao, XG Wang, WX Yu, KN Lam, PKS
Citation: Xg. Zhao et al., Biomagnification of radiocesium in a marine piscivorous fish, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 227-237

Authors: Milton, DA Chenery, SR
Citation: Da. Milton et Sr. Chenery, Can otolith chemistry detect the population structure of the shad hilsa Tenualosa ilisha? Comparison with the results of genetic and morphological studies, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 239-251

Authors: Allen, MC Read, AJ Gaudet, J Sayigh, LS
Citation: Mc. Allen et al., Fine-scale habitat selection of foraging bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus near Clearwater, Florida, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 253-264

Authors: Baduini, CL Lovvorn, JR Hunt, GL
Citation: Cl. Baduini et al., Determining the body condition of short-tailed shearwaters: implications for migratory flight ranges and starvation events, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 265-277

Authors: Sheaves, M
Citation: M. Sheaves, Are there really few piscivorous fishes in shallow estuarine habitats?, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 279-290

Authors: Wilson, SK Burns, K Codi, S
Citation: Sk. Wilson et al., Sources of dietary lipids in the coral reef blenny Salarias patzneri, MAR ECOL-PR, 222, 2001, pp. 291-296
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