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Authors: Ward, AJW Krause, J
Citation: Ajw. Ward et J. Krause, Body length assortative shoaling in the European minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 617-621

Authors: Maan, ME Groothuis, TGG Wittenberg, J
Citation: Me. Maan et al., Escalated fighting despite predictors of conflict outcome: solving the paradox in a South American cichlid fish, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 623-634

Authors: Franks, NR Sendova-Franks, AB Anderson, C
Citation: Nr. Franks et al., Division of labour within teams of New World and Old World army ants, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 635-642

Authors: Anderson, C Franks, NR McShea, DW
Citation: C. Anderson et al., The complexity and hierarchical structure of tasks in insect societies, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 643-651

Authors: Sherratt, TN Forbes, MR
Citation: Tn. Sherratt et Mr. Forbes, Sexual differences in coloration of Coenagrionid damselflies (Odonata): a case of intraspecific aposematism?, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 653-660

Authors: Gauthier-Clerc, M Le Maho, Y Gendner, JP Durant, J Handrich, Y
Citation: M. Gauthier-clerc et al., State-dependent decisions in long-term fasting king penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus, during courtship and incubation, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 661-669

Authors: Shingleton, AW Foster, WA
Citation: Aw. Shingleton et Wa. Foster, Behaviour, morphology and the division of labour in two soldier-producing aphids, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 671-679

Authors: Durier, V Rivault, C
Citation: V. Durier et C. Rivault, Effects of spatial knowledge and feeding experience on foraging choices inGerman cockroaches, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 681-688

Authors: Gil, D Cobb, JLS Slater, PJB
Citation: D. Gil et al., Song characteristics are age dependent in the willow warbler, Phylloscopustrochilus, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 689-694

Authors: Pryke, SR Lawes, MJ Andersson, S
Citation: Sr. Pryke et al., Agonistic carotenoid signalling in male red-collared widowbirds: aggression related to the colour signal of both the territory owner and model intruder, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 695-704

Authors: Gray, CM Hamer, KC
Citation: Cm. Gray et Kc. Hamer, Prefledging mass recession in Manx shearwaters: parental desertion or nestling anorexia?, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 705-709

Authors: Kudo, H Dunbar, RIM
Citation: H. Kudo et Rim. Dunbar, Neocortex size and social network size in primates, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 711-722

Authors: Jovani, R Serrano, D
Citation: R. Jovani et D. Serrano, Feather mites (Astigmata) avoid moulting wing feathers of passerine birds, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 723-727

Authors: Hill, PSM Hollis, J Wells, H
Citation: Psm. Hill et al., Foraging decisions in nectarivores: unexpected interactions between flowerconstancy and energetic rewards, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 729-737

Authors: Petersen, AD Lombardo, MP Power, HW
Citation: Ad. Petersen et al., Left-sided directional bias of cloacal contacts during tree swallow copulations, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 739-741

Authors: Mauck, RA Harkless, KC
Citation: Ra. Mauck et Kc. Harkless, The effect of group membership on hiding behaviour in the northern rock barnacle, Semibalanus balanoides, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 743-748

Authors: Switzer, PV Stamps, JA Mangel, M
Citation: Pv. Switzer et al., When should a territory resident attack?, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 749-759

Authors: Wisenden, BD Millard, MC
Citation: Bd. Wisenden et Mc. Millard, Aquatic flatworms use chemical cues from injured conspecifics to assess predation risk and to associate risk with novel cues, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 761-766

Authors: Baker, MC Baker, EM Baker, MSA
Citation: Mc. Baker et al., Island and island-like effects on vocal repertoire of singing honeyeaters, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 767-774

Authors: Bell, AM
Citation: Am. Bell, Effects of an endocrine disrupter on courtship and aggressive behaviour ofmale three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 775-780

Authors: Ehman, KD Scott, ME
Citation: Kd. Ehman et Me. Scott, Urinary odour preferences of MHC congenic female mice, Mus domesticus: implications for kin recognition and detection of parasitized males, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 781-789

Authors: Jones, AE Ten Cate, C Bijleveld, CJH
Citation: Ae. Jones et al., The interobserver reliability of scoring sonagrams by eye: a study on methods, illustrated on zebra finch songs, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 791-801

Authors: Negro, JJ Grande, JM
Citation: Jj. Negro et Jm. Grande, Territorial signalling: a new hypothesis to explain frequent copulation inraptorial birds, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 803-809

Authors: Putland, D
Citation: D. Putland, Has sexual selection been overlooked in the study of avian helping behaviour?, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 811-814

Authors: Zimmer, M
Citation: M. Zimmer, Why do male terrestrial isopods (Isopoda : Oniscidea) not guard females?, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 815-821
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