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Authors: Jose, LAD Sandalio, MPLM Navari-Izzo, F
Citation: Lad. Jose et al., Special issue from the Winter Meeting 1998 of the Society for Free RadicalResearch (European Region) on Oxygen, Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress in Plants, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S1-S1

Authors: Navari-Izzo, F Pinzino, C Quartacci, MF Sgherri, CLM
Citation: F. Navari-izzo et al., Superoxide and hydroxyl radical generation, and superoxide dismutase in PSII membrane fragments from wheat, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S3-S9

Authors: Gomez, JM Hernandez, JA Jimenez, A del Rio, LA Sevilla, F
Citation: Jm. Gomez et al., Differential response of antioxidative enzymes of chloroplasts and mitochondria to long-term NaCl stress of pea plants, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S11-S18

Authors: Moldau, H
Citation: H. Moldau, Ozone detoxification in the mesophyll cell wall during a simulated oxidative burst, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S19-S24

Authors: Romero-Puertas, MC McCarthy, I Sandalio, LM Palma, JM Corpas, FJ Gomez, M del Rio, LA
Citation: Mc. Romero-puertas et al., Cadmium toxicity and oxidative metabolism of pea leaf peroxisomes, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S25-S31

Authors: Piqueras, A Olmos, E Martinez-Solano, JR Hellin, E
Citation: A. Piqueras et al., Cd-induced oxidative burst in tobacco BY2 cells: Time course, subcellular location and antioxidant response, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S33-S38

Authors: Cuypers, A Vangronsveld, J Clijsters, H
Citation: A. Cuypers et al., The chemical behaviour of heavy metals plays a prominent role in the induction of oxidative stress, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S39-S43

Authors: Garcia, A Baquedano, FJ Navarro, P Castillo, FJ
Citation: A. Garcia et al., Oxidative stress induced by copper in sunflower plants, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S45-S50

Authors: Veljovic-Jovanovic, S Milovanovic, L Oniki, T Takahama, U
Citation: S. Veljovic-jovanovic et al., Inhibition of catalase by sulfite and oxidation of sulfite by H2O2 cooperating with ascorbic acid, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S51-S57

Authors: Alonso, R Elvira, S Castillo, FJ Gimeno, BS
Citation: R. Alonso et al., Antioxidative defense and photoprotection in Pinus halepensis induced by Mediterranean conditions and ozone exposure, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S59-S65

Authors: Pasqualini, S Batini, P Ederli, L Antonielli, M
Citation: S. Pasqualini et al., Responses of the xanthophyll cycle pool and ascorbate-glutathione cycle toozone stress in two tobacco cultivars, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S67-S73

Authors: Hollman, PCH Katan, MB
Citation: Pch. Hollman et Mb. Katan, Health effects and bioavailability of dietary flavonols, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S75-S80

Authors: Hippeli, S Elstner, EF
Citation: S. Hippeli et Ef. Elstner, Inhibition of biochemical model reactions for inflammatory processes by plant extracts: A review on recent developments, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S81-S87

Authors: Arnao, MB Cano, A Acosta, M
Citation: Mb. Arnao et al., Methods to measure the antioxidant activity in plant material. A comparative discussion, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S89-S96

Authors: Salin, ML Alvarez, LM Lynn, BC Habulihaz, B Fountain, AW
Citation: Ml. Salin et al., Photooxidative bleaching of chlorophyllin, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S97-S105

Authors: Munne-Bosch, S Schwarz, K Alegre, L
Citation: S. Munne-bosch et al., Response of abietane diterpenes to stress in Rosmarinus officinalis L.: New insights into the function of diterpenes in plants, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S107-S112

Authors: Tausz, M Bytnerowicz, A Arbaugh, MJ Weidner, W Grill, D
Citation: M. Tausz et al., Antioxidants and protective pigments of Pinus ponderosa needles at gradients of natural stresses and ozone in the San Bernardino Mountains in California, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S113-S120

Authors: Muller, M Tausz, M Wonisch, A Grill, D
Citation: M. Muller et al., Effects of an oxidizing agent (hydrogen peroxide) on the glutathione system in epidermal cells of Allium cepa L. investigated by histochemical staining, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S121-S127

Authors: Quiles, JL Ramirez-Tortosa, MC Ibanez, S Gonzalez, JA Duthie, GG Huertas, JR Mataix, J
Citation: Jl. Quiles et al., Vitamin E supplementation increases the stability and the in vivo antioxidant capacity of refined olive oil, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S129-S135

Authors: Bolwell, GP Blee, KA Butt, VS Davies, DR Gardner, SL Gerrish, C Minibayeva, F Rowntree, EG Wojtaszek, P
Citation: Gp. Bolwell et al., Recent advances in understanding the origin of the apoplastic oxidative burst in plant cells, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S137-S145

Authors: Barcelo, AR
Citation: Ar. Barcelo, Some properties of the H2O2/O-2(-) generating system from the lignifying xylem of Zinnia elegans, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S147

Authors: Gullner, G Tobias, I Fodor, J Komives, T
Citation: G. Gullner et al., Elevation of glutathione level and activation of glutathione-related enzymes affect virus infection in tobacco, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S155-S161

Authors: Vitor, RF Lidon, FC Carvalho, CS
Citation: Rf. Vitor et al., Dark stained tissues of the epicarp of encore mandarin: Interactions with the production of hydroxyl radicals, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S163-S169

Authors: Imai, T Kingston-Smith, AH Foyer, CH
Citation: T. Imai et al., Ascorbate metabolism in potato leaves supplied with exogenous ascorbate, FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S171-S179

Authors: Peltzer, D Schwanz, P Polle, A
Citation: D. Peltzer et al., Preliminary studies of ascorbate metabolism in green and albino regions ofvariegated leaves or Coleus blumei, Benth., FREE RAD RE, 31, 1999, pp. S181-S185
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