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Authors: Norman, MR Randeria, M Janko, B Campuzano, JC
Citation: Mr. Norman et al., Photoemission and the origin of high temperature superconductivity, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2063-2066

Authors: Fujimori, A Ino, A Yoshida, T Mizokawa, T Nakamura, M Kim, C Shen, ZX Kakeshita, T Eisaki, H Uchida, S
Citation: A. Fujimori et al., Fermi surface, pseudogap and superconducting gap in La2-xSrxCuO4, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2067-2070

Authors: Saini, NL Bianconi, A Lanzara, A Avila, J Asensio, MC Tajima, S Gu, GD Koshizuka, N
Citation: Nl. Saini et al., On the topological features at the Fermi surface of Bi2212 system revealedby angle scanning photoemission, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2071-2074

Authors: Ranninger, J
Citation: J. Ranninger, Theory of normal state single particle and transport properties, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2075-2078

Authors: Chuang, YD Gromko, AD Dessau, DS Nakamura, K Ando, Y
Citation: Yd. Chuang et al., Fermi surface topology of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta at hv=33eV, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2079-2082

Authors: Armitage, NP Lu, DH Kim, C Damascelli, A Shen, KM Ronning, F Onose, Y Taguchi, Y Tokura, Y Shen, ZX
Citation: Np. Armitage et al., Electronic structure of Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4: Evidence for a disparity betweenhole and electron doped cuprate superconductors, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2083-2086

Authors: Ronning, F Kim, C Damascelli, A Armitage, NP Lu, DH Shen, KM Miller, LL Kim, YJ Kastner, MA Birgeneau, RJ Shen, ZX
Citation: F. Ronning et al., ARPES features of the AF insulators Sr2CuO2Cl2 and Ca2CuO2Cl2 close to theAF zone boundary, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2087-2090

Authors: Sato, T Naitoh, Y Kamiyama, T Takahashi, T Yokoya, T Mesot, J Kaminski, A Fretwell, H Campuzano, JC Ding, H Chong, I Terashima, T Takano, M Kadowaki, K
Citation: T. Sato et al., Superconducting gap, pseudogap, and fermi surface of Bi2201: High energy- and momentum-resolution photoemission study, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2091-2094

Authors: Kusko, C Markiewicz, RS
Citation: C. Kusko et Rs. Markiewicz, Remnant Fermi surfaces in cuprates, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2095-2096

Authors: Feng, DL Lu, DH Shen, KM Oh, S Andrus, A O'Donnell, J Eckstein, JN Shimoyama, J Kishio, K Shen, ZX
Citation: Dl. Feng et al., On the similarity of the spectral weight pattern of Bi2Sr2CaCuO8+delta andLa1.48Nd0.4Sr0.12CuO4, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2097-2098

Authors: Golden, MS Borisenko, SV Legner, S Pichler, T Durr, C Knupfer, M Fink, J Yang, G Abell, S Reichardt, G Muller, R Janowitz, C
Citation: Ms. Golden et al., The topology of the Fermi surface of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8-delta from angle resolved photoemission, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2099-2102

Authors: Jankovic, L Sunko, DK
Citation: L. Jankovic et Dk. Sunko, Difference between microscopic and effective overlaps in the copper-oxide planes of high-Tc superconductors, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2103-2104

Authors: Mesot, J Metoki, N Bohm, M Hiess, A Kadowaki, K
Citation: J. Mesot et al., The magnetic resonance in underdoped Bi2212 and its relation to the electronic spectra: an inelastic neutron scattering study, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2105-2106

Authors: Dent, CJ Alexandrov, AS
Citation: Cj. Dent et As. Alexandrov, Angle-resolved photoemission in YBa2Cu3O7 and YBa2Cu4O8, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2107-2108

Authors: Muller, R Janowitz, C Schneider, M Krapf, A Dwelk, H Manzke, R
Citation: R. Muller et al., Lack of photon energy dependence of the Fermi surface of n=1 Bi2Sr2-xLaxCuO6+delta-single crystals, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2109-2110

Authors: Keimer, B Bourges, P Fong, HF Gu, GD He, H Ivanov, A Koshizuka, N Liang, B Lin, CT Regnault, LP Sidis, Y Schoenherr, E
Citation: B. Keimer et al., Spin excitations in cuprates: From underdoped to overdoped state, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2113-2116

Authors: Uemura, YJ
Citation: Yj. Uemura, Superfluid density, condensation, and phase separation in high-T-c and other exotic superconductors, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2117-2120

Authors: Tokunaga, Y Kotegawa, H Ishida, K Kitaoka, Y Tokiwa, K Iyo, A Ihara, H
Citation: Y. Tokunaga et al., Unconventional superconducting characteristics in the multilayered high-T-c cuprate (Cu0.6C0.4)Ba2Ca3Cu4O12+y probed by Cu-63 NMR, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2121-2122

Authors: Han, KS Mean, BJ Lee, KH Kim, DH Seo, SW Lee, M Lee, WC Cho, JS
Citation: Ks. Han et al., Cu-63,Cu-65 NQR study of Zn and Ni doped YBa2Cu2O3O7, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2123-2124

Authors: Matsumura, M Kitauchi, N Yokoyama, T Horiike, M Yamagata, H
Citation: M. Matsumura et al., Cu-NQR study for the disappearance of superconductivity in R1-xPrxBa2Cu3O7(R=Y and Nd), PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2125-2126

Authors: Suh, BJ Hammel, PC
Citation: Bj. Suh et Pc. Hammel, La-139 NQR and NMR studies of the structural phase transitions in La1.8-xEu0.2SrxCuO4, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2127-2128

Authors: Reyes, AP Abdelrazek, MM Kuhns, PL Moulton, WG
Citation: Ap. Reyes et al., Evidence for Ba-site occupation of Pr3+ in Y1-xPrBa2Cu3O7-delta from CuNQR, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2129-2130

Authors: Joumard, I Klein, T Marcus, J Cubitt, R
Citation: I. Joumard et al., Neutron diffraction from the flux line lattice near the entanglement transition in (K, Ba)BiO3, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2131-2132

Authors: Itoh, M Akimoto, N Yamada, H Isobe, M Ueda, Y
Citation: M. Itoh et al., Charge ordering in NaV6O15: V-51 NMR in a single crystal, PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2133-2134

Authors: Sakamoto, H Tou, H Ishii, H Maniwa, Y Reny, EA Yamanaka, S
Citation: H. Sakamoto et al., NMR studies of superconducting Ba8AgxSi46-x (x=0 similar to 6), PHYSICA C, 341, 2000, pp. 2135-2136
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