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Authors: Slayback, DL Dobkins, JA Harper, JM Allen, RD
Citation: Dl. Slayback et al., Genetic factors influencing the development of chronic graft-versus-host disease in a murine model, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 931-938

Authors: Akizuki, S Mizorogi, F Inoue, T Sudo, K Ohnishi, A
Citation: S. Akizuki et al., Pharmacokinetics and adverse events following 5-day repeated administration of lenograstim, a recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, in healthy subjects, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 939-946

Authors: Vij, R DiPersio, J Brown, R Trinkaus, K Abboud, C Meehan, KR Frenette, G Freytes, C Goodnough, LT Khoury, H Ponnuri, J Adkins, D
Citation: R. Vij et al., Outcomes of high-dose chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplant in isolated locally recurrent breast cancer: a multicenter evaluation, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 947-953

Authors: Prince, HM Rischin, D Toner, GC Seymour, JF Blakey, D Gates, P Eerhard, S Chapple, P Quinn, M Brettell, M Juneja, S Wolf, M Januszewicz, EH Richardson, G Scarlett, J Briggs, P
Citation: Hm. Prince et al., Repetitive high-dose therapy with cyclophosphamide, thiotepa and docetaxelwith peripheral blood progenitor cell and filgrastim support for metastatic and locally advanced breast cancer: results of a phase I study, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 955-961

Authors: Gertz, MA Lacy, MQ Gastineau, DA Inwards, DJ Chen, MG Tefferi, A Kyle, RA Litzow, MR
Citation: Ma. Gertz et al., Blood stem cell transplantation as therapy for primary systemic amyloidosis (AL), BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 963-969

Authors: Colombat, P Cornillet, P Deconinck, E Tourani, JM Gardembas, M Delain, M Abgrall, JF Kootz, C Milpied, N
Citation: P. Colombat et al., Value of autologous stem cell transplantation with purged bone marrow as first-line therapy for follicular lymphoma with high tumor burden: a GOELAMSphase II study, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 971-977

Authors: Rajkumar, SV Fonseca, R Dispenzieri, A Lacy, MQ Witzig, TE Lust, JA Larson, D Therneau, TM Kyle, RA Litzow, MR Greipp, PR Gertz, MA
Citation: Sv. Rajkumar et al., Effect of complete response on outcome following autologous stem cell transplantation for myeloma, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 979-983

Authors: Furlong, T Storb, R Anasetti, C Appelbaum, FR Deeg, HJ Doney, K Martin, P Sullivan, K Witherspoon, R Nash, RA
Citation: T. Furlong et al., Clinical outcome after conversion to FK 506 (tacrolimus) therapy for acutegraft-versus-host disease resistant to cyclosporine or for cyclosporine-associated toxicities, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 985-991

Authors: Trenschel, R Peceny, R Runde, V Elmaagacli, A Dermoumi, H von Heinegg, EH Muller, KD Schaefer, UW Beelen, DW
Citation: R. Trenschel et al., Fungal colonization and invasive fungal infections following allogeneic BMT using metronidazole, ciprofloxacin and fluconazole or ciprofloxacin and fluconazole as intestinal decontamination, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 993-997

Authors: Hovi, L Saarinen-Pihkala, UM Vettenranta, K Saxen, H
Citation: L. Hovi et al., Invasive fungal infections in pediatric bone marrow transplant recipients:single center experience of 10 years, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 999-1004

Authors: Uderzo, C Fumagalli, M De Lorenzo, P Busca, A Vassallo, E Bonanomi, S Lanino, E Dini, G Varotto, S Messina, C Miniero, R Valsecchi, MG Balduzzi, A
Citation: C. Uderzo et al., Impact of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura on leukemic children undergoing bone marrow transplantation, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1005-1009

Authors: Chong, G Byrnes, G Szer, J Grigg, A
Citation: G. Chong et al., Extramedullary relapse after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for haematological malignancy, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1011-1015

Authors: Tauro, S Dobie, D Richardson, G Hastings, M Mahendra, P
Citation: S. Tauro et al., Recurrent penicillin-resistant pneumococcal sepsis after matched unrelateddonor (MUD) transplantation for refractory T cell lymphoma, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1017-1019

Authors: Lones, MA Kirov, I Said, JW Shintaku, IP Neudorf, S
Citation: Ma. Lones et al., Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder after autologous peripheral stem cell transplantation in a pediatric patient, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1021-1024

Authors: Bielorai, B Toren, A Wolach, B Mandel, M Golan, H Neumann, Y Kaplinisky, C Weintraub, M Keller, N Amariglio, N Paswell, J Rechavi, G
Citation: B. Bielorai et al., Successful treatment of invasive aspergillosis in chronic granulomatous disease by granulocyte transfusions followed by peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1025-1028

Authors: Millot, F
Citation: F. Millot, High-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell support in an adult with bone marrow relapse of medulloblastoma - Response, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1029-1029

Authors: Foa, C Magne, N Bondiau, PY Otto, J Thyss, A
Citation: C. Foa et al., High-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell support in an adult with bone marrow relapse of medulloblastoma, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1029-1029

Authors: Mullen, CA Chan, KW
Citation: Ca. Mullen et Kw. Chan, Ethical considerations in allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for children with slowly fatal conditions, BONE MAR TR, 26(9), 2000, pp. 1030-1031

Authors: Lu, L Ge, Y Li, ZH Dai, MS Broxmeyer, HE
Citation: L. Lu et al., Enhancement of proliferation and differentiation of erythroid progenitors by co-transduction of erythropoietin receptor and H-ras cDNAs into single CD34(3+) cord blood cells, BONE MAR TR, 26(8), 2000, pp. 817-822

Authors: Beelen, DW Peceny, R Elmaagacli, A Ottinger, H Kummer, G Opalka, B Seeber, S Schaefer, UW
Citation: Dw. Beelen et al., Transplantation of highly purified HLA-identical sibling donor peripheral blood CD34(+) cells without prophylactic post-transplant immunosuppression in adult patients with first chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia: results of a phase II study, BONE MAR TR, 26(8), 2000, pp. 823-829

Authors: Friedman, J Lazarus, HM Koc, ON
Citation: J. Friedman et al., Autologous CD34(+) enriched peripheral blood progenitor cell (PBPC) transplantation is associated with higher morbidity in patients with lymphoma when compared to unmanipulated PBPC transplantation, BONE MAR TR, 26(8), 2000, pp. 831-836

Authors: Kanai, M Hirayama, F Yamaguchi, M Ohkawara, J Sato, N Fukazawa, K Yamashita, K Kuwabara, M Ikeda, H Ikebuchi, K
Citation: M. Kanai et al., Stromal cell-dependent ex vivo expansion of human cord blood progenitors and augmentation of transplantable stem cell activity, BONE MAR TR, 26(8), 2000, pp. 837-844

Authors: Blade, J Esteve, J Rives, S Martinez, C Rovira, M Urbano-Ispizua, A Marin, P Carreras, E Montserrat, E
Citation: J. Blade et al., High-dose therapy autotransplantation/intensification vs continued standard chemotherapy in multiple myeloma in first remission. Results of a non-randomized study from a single institution, BONE MAR TR, 26(8), 2000, pp. 845-849

Authors: Cremer, FW Ehrbrecht, E Kiel, K Benner, A Hegenbart, U Ho, AD Goldschmidt, H Moos, M
Citation: Fw. Cremer et al., Evaluation of the kinetics of the bone marrow tumor load in the course of sequential high-dose therapy assessed by quantitative PCR as a predictive parameter in patients with multiple myeloma, BONE MAR TR, 26(8), 2000, pp. 851-858

Authors: Schimmer, AD Jamal, S Messner, H Keating, A Meharchand, J Huebsch, L Walker, I Benger, A Gluck, S Smith, A
Citation: Ad. Schimmer et al., Allogeneic or autologous bone marrow transplantation (BMT) for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL): results of a provincial strategy, BONE MAR TR, 26(8), 2000, pp. 859-864
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