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Authors: Humayun, MZ
Citation: Mz. Humayun, SOS and Mayday: multiple inducible mutagenic pathways in Escherichia coli, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 905-910

Authors: Frankel, G Phillips, AD Rosenshine, I Dougan, G Kaper, JB Knutton, S
Citation: G. Frankel et al., Enteropathogenic and enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli: more subversive elements, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 911-921

Authors: Stasinopoulos, SJ Farr, GA Bechhofer, DH
Citation: Sj. Stasinopoulos et al., Bacillus subtilis tetA(L) gene expression: evidence for regulation by translational reinitiation, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 923-932

Authors: Kamath, S Kapatral, V Chakrabarty, AM
Citation: S. Kamath et al., Cellular function of elastase in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: role in the cleavage of nucleoside diphosphate kinase and in alginate synthesis, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 933-941

Authors: Birkey, SM Liu, W Zhang, XH Duggan, MF Hulett, FM
Citation: Sm. Birkey et al., Pho signal transduction network reveals direct transcriptional regulation of one two-component system by another two-component regulator: Bacillus subtilis PhoP directly regulates production of ResD, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 943-953

Authors: Kraus, A Kuster, E Wagner, A Hoffmann, K Hillen, W
Citation: A. Kraus et al., Identification of a co-repressor binding site in catabolite control protein CcpA, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 955-963

Authors: Buchrieser, C Brosch, R Bach, S Guiyoule, A Carniel, E
Citation: C. Buchrieser et al., The high-pathogenicity island of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis can be inserted into any of the three chromosomal asn tRNA genes, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 965-978

Authors: Svard, SG Meng, TC Hetsko, ML McCaffery, JM Gillin, FD
Citation: Sg. Svard et al., Differentiation-associated surface antigen variation in the ancient eukaryote Giardia lamblia, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 979-989

Authors: Chien, YT Manna, AC Cheung, AL
Citation: Yt. Chien et al., SarA level is a determinant of agr activation in Staphylococcus aureus, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 991-1001

Authors: Probert, WS Johnson, BJB
Citation: Ws. Probert et Bjb. Johnson, Identification of a 47 kDa fibronectin-binding protein expressed by Borrelia burgdorferi isolate B31, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1003-1015

Authors: Akhmanova, A Voncken, FGJ Harhangi, H Hosea, KM Vogels, GD Hackstein, JHP
Citation: A. Akhmanova et al., Cytosolic enzymes with a mitochondrial ancestry from the anaerobic chytridPiromyces sp. E2, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1017-1027

Authors: Chilcott, GS Hughes, KT
Citation: Gs. Chilcott et Kt. Hughes, The type III secretion determinants of the flagellar anti-transcription factor, FlgM, extend from the amino-terminus into the anti-sigma(28) domain, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1029-1040

Authors: Liu, T Renberg, SK Haggard-Ljungquist, E
Citation: T. Liu et al., The E protein of satellite phage P4 acts as an anti-repressor by binding to the C protein of helper phage P2, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1041-1050

Authors: Skrzypek, E Cowan, C Straley, SC
Citation: E. Skrzypek et al., Targeting of the Yersinia pestis YopM protein into HeLa cells and intracellular trafficking to the nucleus, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1051-1065

Authors: Maisnier-Patin, S Dasgupta, S Krabbe, M Nordstrom, K
Citation: S. Maisnier-patin et al., Conversion to bidirectional replication after unidirectional initiation from R1 plasmid origin integrated at oriC in Escherichia coli, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1067-1079

Authors: DeShazer, D Brett, PJ Woods, DE
Citation: D. Deshazer et al., The type II O-antigenic polysaccharide moiety of Burkholderia pseudomalleilipopolysaccharide is required for serum resistance and virulence, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1081-1100

Authors: Crespo, JL Garcia-Dominguez, M Florencio, FJ
Citation: Jl. Crespo et al., Nitrogen control of the glnN gene that codes for GS type III, the only glutamine synthetase in the cyanobacterium Pseudanabaena sp. PCC 6903, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1101-1112

Authors: Mazouni, K Bulteau, S Cassier-Chauvat, C Chauvat, F
Citation: K. Mazouni et al., Promoter element spacing controls basal expression and light inducibility of the cyanobacterial secA gene, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1113-1122

Authors: Yang, ZM Geng, YZ Xu, D Kaplan, HB Shi, WY
Citation: Zm. Yang et al., A new set of chemotaxis homologues is essential for Myxococcus xanthus social motility, MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1123-1130

Authors: Rocchetta, HL Burrows, LL Pacan, JC Lam, JS
Citation: Hl. Rocchetta et al., Three rhamnosyltransferases responsible for assembly of the A-band D-rhamnan polysaccharide in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a fourth transferase, WbpL, isrequired for the initiation of both A-band and B-band lipopolysaccharide synthesis (vol 28, pg 1103, 1998), MOL MICROB, 30(5), 1998, pp. 1131-1131

Authors: Sakellaris, H Scott, JR
Citation: H. Sakellaris et Jr. Scott, New tools in an old trade: CS1 pilus morphogenesis, MOL MICROB, 30(4), 1998, pp. 681-687

Authors: Abu Kwaik, Y
Citation: Y. Abu Kwaik, Fatal attraction of mammalian cells to Legionella pneumophila, MOL MICROB, 30(4), 1998, pp. 689-695

Authors: Mehr, IJ Seifert, HS
Citation: Ij. Mehr et Hs. Seifert, Differential roles of homologous recombination pathways in Neisseria gonorrhoeae pilin antigenic variation, DNA transformation and DNA repair, MOL MICROB, 30(4), 1998, pp. 697-710

Authors: Guo, BP Brown, EL Dorward, DW Rosenberg, LC Hook, M
Citation: Bp. Guo et al., Decorin-binding adhesins from Borrelia burgdorferi, MOL MICROB, 30(4), 1998, pp. 711-723

Authors: Godaly, G Frendeus, B Proudfoot, A Svensson, M Klemm, P Svanborg, C
Citation: G. Godaly et al., Role of fimbriae-mediated adherence for neutrophil migration across Escherichia coli-infected epithelial cell layers, MOL MICROB, 30(4), 1998, pp. 725-735
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