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Authors: Papadaki, HA Coulocheri, S Eliopoulos, GD
Citation: Ha. Papadaki et al., Patients with chronic idiopathic neutropenia of adults have increased serum concentrations of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 271-277

Authors: Okumura, H Yoshida, T Takamatsu, H Mochizuki, Y Takeshima, M Ohtake, S Ikeno, T Nakamura, S Nakao, S
Citation: H. Okumura et al., CD8-depleted donor leukocyte transfusions for cytomegalovirus antigenemia in patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with allogeneic CD34(+) cell transplantation, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 278-280

Authors: Niihara, Y Shalev, O Hebbel, RP Wu, HY Tu, A Akiyama, DS Tanaka, KR
Citation: Y. Niihara et al., Desferrioxamine (DFO) conjugated with starch decreases NAD redox potentialof intact red blood cells (RBC): Evidence for DFO as an extracellular inducer of oxidant stress in RBC, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 281-284

Authors: Gilbert, KB Rodgers, GM
Citation: Kb. Gilbert et Gm. Rodgers, Utilization and outcomes of enoxaparin treatment for deep-vein thrombosis in a tertiary-care hospital, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 285-288

Authors: Chim, CS Ma, SK
Citation: Cs. Chim et Sk. Ma, Giant pronormoblasts in parvovirus-associated pure red cell aplasia, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 289-289

Authors: Kaur, J Turner, JR Singh, P Al-Katib, A
Citation: J. Kaur et al., Multiple myeloma in the liver, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 290-290

Authors: Kakazu, N Kito, K Hitomi, T Oita, J Nishida, K Masuda, K Miki, T Abe, T
Citation: N. Kakazu et al., Characterization of complex chromosomal abnormalities in B-cell lymphoma by a combined spectral karyotyping (SKY) analysis and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) using a 14q telomere probe, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 291-297

Authors: Ropero, P Villegas, A Gonzalez, AF Anguita, E Sanchez, J Carreno, DL Arrizabalaga, B Atuxta, L
Citation: P. Ropero et al., HB Johnstown [beta 109 (G11) Val -> Leu]: Second case described and associated for the first time with beta(0)-thalassemia in two Spanish families, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 298-301

Authors: Kempf, W Margolin, DH Dezube, BJ Kadin, ME Letvin, NL Koralnik, IJ
Citation: W. Kempf et al., Clinicopathological characterization of an HIV-2-infected individual with two clonally unrelated primary lymphomas, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 302-306

Authors: Pullarkat, VA Pullarkat, ST Calverley, DC Brynes, RK
Citation: Va. Pullarkat et al., Mast cell disease associated with acute myeloid leukemia: Detection of a new c-kit mutation Asp816His, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 307-309

Authors: Codish, S Abu-Shakra, M Ariad, S Zirkin, HJ Yermiyahu, T Dupin, N Boshoff, C Sukenik, S
Citation: S. Codish et al., Manifestations of three HHV-8-related diseases in an HIV-negative patient:Immunoblastic variant multicentric Castleman's disease, primary effusion lymphoma, and Kaposi's sarcoma, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 310-314

Authors: Notoya, A Bohgaki, T Mukai, M Kohno, M Sato, H Sawada, K
Citation: A. Notoya et al., Splenomegaly and chronic disseminated intravascular coagulation in Osler-Weber-Rendu Disease: A case report, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 315-318

Authors: Lounici, A Cony-Makhoul, P Dubus, P Lacombe, F Merlio, JP Reiffers, J
Citation: A. Lounici et al., Lineage switch from acute myeloid leukemia to acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Report of an adult case and review of the literature, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 319-321

Authors: Agarwal, S Hattori, Y Agarwal, SS
Citation: S. Agarwal et al., Rare beta-thalassemia mutations in Asian Indians, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 322-323

Authors: Powari, M Varma, N Varma, S Komal, HS
Citation: M. Powari et al., Pseudo-Chediak Higashi anomaly in an Indian patient with acute myeloid leukemia (AML-MP), AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 324-325

Authors: Muraki, K Shinohara, K Takahashi, T Ota, I Nawata, R
Citation: K. Muraki et al., Case of adult T-cell leukemia resulting in spontaneous remission and pancytopenia, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 325-326

Authors: Shinohara, K Muraki, K Ota, I Nawata, R Oeda, E Takahashi, T
Citation: K. Shinohara et al., Increased levels of soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors in patients with aplastic anemia and myelodysplastic syndrome, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 326-327

Authors: Kuroda, J Kimura, S Akaogi, T Hayashi, H Abe, T Kobayashi, Y Kondo, M
Citation: J. Kuroda et al., Primary cardiac lymphoma with variant Burkitt-type translocation, t(8;22)(q24;q11), AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 327-328

Authors: Au, WY Kwong, YL Ma, SK
Citation: Wy. Au et al., Aleukemic leukemia masquerading as renal masses: A rare presentation of adult lymphoblastic leukemia, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 328-329

Authors: Jamil, MG Abdel-Raheem, MM Potti, A Levitt, R
Citation: Mg. Jamil et al., Pseudohyperphosphatemia associated with Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 329-329

Authors: Tohda, S Ohkusa, T
Citation: S. Tohda et T. Ohkusa, Resolution of refractory idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura after eradication of Helicobacter pylori, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 329-330

Authors: Bauduer, F Ducout, L Vigneau, D Darrasse, D
Citation: F. Bauduer et al., True histiocytic lymphoma of the facial sinuses associated with acute myeloblastic leukemia (FAB-M2), AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 330-331

Authors: Houston, DS
Citation: Ds. Houston, Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia without thrombocytopenia in a patient with essential thrombocythemia, AM J HEMAT, 65(4), 2000, pp. 331-332

Authors: Xu, XM Li, ZQ Liu, ZY Zhong, XL Zhao, YZ Mo, QH
Citation: Xm. Xu et al., Molecular characterization and PCR detection of a deletional HPFH: Application to rapid prenatal diagnosis for compound heterozygotes of this defect with beta-thalassemia in a Chinese family, AM J HEMAT, 65(3), 2000, pp. 183-188

Authors: Majluf-Cruz, A Luna-Castanos, G Trevino-Perez, S Santoscoy, M Nieto-Cisneros, L
Citation: A. Majluf-cruz et al., Lamivudine-induced pure red cell aplasia, AM J HEMAT, 65(3), 2000, pp. 189-191
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