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Authors: Jaeckel, S Epplen, JT Kauth, M Miterski, B Tschentscher, F Epplen, C
Citation: S. Jaeckel et al., Polymerase chain reaction - single strand conformation polymorphism or howto detect reliably and efficiently each sequence variation in many samplesand many genes, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3055-3061

Authors: Cole, KD
Citation: Kd. Cole, Preparative separation of plasmid and bacterial artificial chromosome DNA by density gradient electrophoresis in the presence of linear polymers, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3062-3068

Authors: Gerken, T Kurtz, J Sauer, KP Lubjuhn, T
Citation: T. Gerken et al., DNA preparation and efficient microsatellite analysis from insect hemolymph, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3069-3070

Authors: Okano, K Uematsu, C Matsunaga, H Kambara, H
Citation: K. Okano et al., Characteristics of selective polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using two-base anchored primers and improvement of its specificity, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3071-3078

Authors: Oetting, WS Armstrong, CM Ronan, SM Young, TL Sellers, TA King, RA
Citation: Ws. Oetting et al., Multiplexed short tandem repeat polymorphisms of the Weber 8A set of markers using tailed primers and infrared fluorescence detection, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3079-3083

Authors: Vega, A Barros, F Bellas, S Carracedo, A
Citation: A. Vega et al., Minisatellite variant repeat (MVR) analysis of the HRAS1 minisatellite locus, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3084-3089

Authors: Weber, G Bocek, P
Citation: G. Weber et P. Bocek, Interval isotachophoresis for purification and isolation of ionogenic species, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3090-3093

Authors: Weber, G Bocek, P
Citation: G. Weber et P. Bocek, Stability of continuous flow electrophoresis, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3094-3095

Authors: Chen, N Chrambach, A
Citation: N. Chen et A. Chrambach, Preparative application of commercial automated gel electrophoresis apparatus to subcellular-sized particles: Sequential isolations, fractions re-run, sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis, yieldand purity, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3096-3102

Authors: Skarpeid, HJ Kvaal, K Hildrum, KI
Citation: Hj. Skarpeid et al., Identification of animal species in ground meat mixtures by multivariate analysis of isoelectric focusing protein profiles, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3103-3109

Authors: Kajiwara, H Tomooka, N
Citation: H. Kajiwara et N. Tomooka, Comparative analysis of genus Vigna seeds using antiserum against a synthesized multiple antigenic peptide, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3110-3113

Authors: Heller, C
Citation: C. Heller, Finding a universal low viscosity polymer for DNA separation (II), ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3114-3127

Authors: Sunada, WM Blanch, HW
Citation: Wm. Sunada et Hw. Blanch, A theory for the electrophoretic separation of DNA in polymer solutions, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3128-3136

Authors: Boyd, BM Prausnitz, JM Blanch, HW
Citation: Bm. Boyd et al., High-frequency alternating-crossed-field gel electrophoresis with neutral or slightly charged interpenetrating networks to improve DNA separation, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3137-3148

Authors: Chen, HS Chang, HT
Citation: Hs. Chen et Ht. Chang, Capillary electrophoretic separation of 1 to 10 kbp sized dsDNA using poly(ethylene oxide) solutions in the presence of electroosmotic counterflow, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3149-3153

Authors: Chiari, M Damin, F Melis, A Consonni, R
Citation: M. Chiari et al., Separation of oligonucleotides and DNA fragments by capillary electrophoresis in dynamically and permanently coated capillaries, using a copolymer ofacrylamide and beta-D-glucopyranoside as a new low viscosity matrix with high sieving capacity, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3154-3159

Authors: Cellai, L Onori, AM Desiderio, C Fanali, S
Citation: L. Cellai et al., Capillary electrophoretic analysis of synthetic short-chain oligoribonucleotides, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3160-3165

Authors: Glukhovskiy, PV Vigh, G
Citation: Pv. Glukhovskiy et G. Vigh, A simple method for the determination of isoelectric points of ampholytes with closely spaced pK(a) values using pressure-mediated capillary electrophoresis, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3166-3170

Authors: Waterval, JCM la Porte, CJL van't Hof, R Teeuwsen, J Bult, A Lingeman, H Underberg, WJM
Citation: Jcm. Waterval et al., Development and validation of transient isotachophoretic capillary zone electrophoresis for determination of peptides, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3171-3177

Authors: Li, XF Liu, CS Roos, P Hansen, EB Cerniglia, CE Dovichi, NJ
Citation: Xf. Li et al., Nonaqueous capillary electrophoretic separation and thermo-optical absorbance detection of five tricyclic antidepressants and metabolism of amitriptyline by Cunninghamella elegans, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3178-3182

Authors: Liu, CS Li, XF Pinto, D Hansen, EB Cerniglia, CE Dovichi, NJ
Citation: Cs. Liu et al., On-line nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis and electrospray mass spectrometry of tricyclic antidepressants and metabolic profiling of amitriptylineby Cunninghamella elegans, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3183-3189

Authors: Bean, SR Lookhart, GL
Citation: Sr. Bean et Gl. Lookhart, Faster capillary electrophoresis separation of wheat proteins through modifications to buffer composition and sample handling, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3190-3198

Authors: Wilkins, MR Gasteiger, E Wheeler, CH Lindskog, I Sanchez, JC Bairoch, A Appel, RD Dunn, MJ Hochstrasser, DF
Citation: Mr. Wilkins et al., Multiple parameter cross-species protein identification using MultiIdent -a World-Wide Web accessible tool, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3199-3206

Authors: Tietz, P de Groen, PC Anderson, NL Sims, C Esquer-Blasco, R Meheus, L Raymackers, J Dauwe, M LaRusso, NF
Citation: P. Tietz et al., Cholangiocyte-specific rat liver proteins identified by establishment of atwo-dimensional gel protein database, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3207-3212

Authors: Lin, JD Chan, EC Weng, HF Sheu, CA
Citation: Jd. Lin et al., Two-dimensional electrophoretic analysis of membranous protein from human thyroid tissues and cancer cell lines, ELECTROPHOR, 19(18), 1998, pp. 3213-3216
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