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Authors: Cole, RW Woodruff, RI
Citation: Rw. Cole et Ri. Woodruff, Vitellogenic ovarian follicles of Drosophila exhibit a charge-dependent distribution of endogenous soluble proteins, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1239-1248

Authors: Xia, Y Dean, P Judge, AJ Gillespie, JP Clarkson, JM Charnley, AK
Citation: Y. Xia et al., Acid phosphatases in the haemolymph of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, infected with the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1249-1257

Authors: Wei, Z Baggerman, G Nachman, RJ Goldsworthy, G Verhaert, P De Loof, A Schoofs, L
Citation: Z. Wei et al., Sulfakinins reduce food intake in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1259-1265

Authors: Hegazi, EM Khafagi, WE
Citation: Em. Hegazi et We. Khafagi, Possible bases of pseudoparasitism in Spodoptera littoralis larvae stung by Microplitis rufiventris, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1267-1274

Authors: Beck, M Theopold, U Schmidt, O
Citation: M. Beck et al., Evidence for serine protease inhibitor activity in the ovarian calyx fluidof the endoparasitoid Venturia canescens, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1275-1283

Authors: Bustami, HP Hustert, R
Citation: Hp. Bustami et R. Hustert, Typical ventilatory pattern of the intact locust is produced by the isolated CNS, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1285-1293

Authors: Hagele, BF Simpson, SJ
Citation: Bf. Hagele et Sj. Simpson, The influence of mechanical, visual and contact chemical stimulation on the behavioural phase state of solitarious desert locusts (Schistocerca gregaria), J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1295-1301

Authors: Schoeters, E Billen, J
Citation: E. Schoeters et J. Billen, The importance of the spermathecal duct in bumblebees, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1303-1312

Authors: Edwards, MJ Jacobs-Lorena, M
Citation: Mj. Edwards et M. Jacobs-lorena, Permeability and disruption of the peritrophic matrix and caecal membrane from Aedes aegypti and Anopheles gambiae mosquito larvae, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1313-1320

Authors: Kostal, V Simek, P
Citation: V. Kostal et P. Simek, Overwintering strategy in Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera): the relationsbetween life-cycle, chill tolerance and physiological adjustments, J INSECT PH, 46(9), 2000, pp. 1321-1329

Authors: Vargo, EL Hulsey, CD
Citation: El. Vargo et Cd. Hulsey, Multiple glandular origins of queen pheromones in the fire ant Solenopsis invicta, J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1151-1159

Authors: Eslin, P Prevost, G
Citation: P. Eslin et G. Prevost, Racing against host's immunity defenses: a likely strategy for passive evasion of encapsulation in Asobara tabida parasitoids, J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1161-1167

Authors: Tanaka, S
Citation: S. Tanaka, The role of [His(7)]-corazonin in the control of body-color polymorphism in the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria (Orthoptera : Acrididae), J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1169-1176

Authors: Cherqui, A Tjallingii, WF
Citation: A. Cherqui et Wf. Tjallingii, Salivary proteins of aphids, a pilot study on identification, separation and immunolocalisation, J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1177-1186

Authors: Schmaranzer, S
Citation: S. Schmaranzer, Thermoregulation of water collecting honey bees (Apis mellifera), J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1187-1194

Authors: Gadenne, C Anton, S
Citation: C. Gadenne et S. Anton, Central processing of sex pheromone stimuli is differentially regulated byjuvenile hormone in a male moth, J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1195-1206

Authors: Zera, AJ Brink, T
Citation: Aj. Zera et T. Brink, Nutrient absorption and utilization by wing and flight muscle morphs of the cricket Gryllus firmus: implications for the trade-off between flight capability and early reproduction, J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1207-1218

Authors: Sutherland, TD Unnithan, GC Feyereisen, R
Citation: Td. Sutherland et al., Terpenoid omega-hydroxylase (CYP4C7) messenger RNA levels in the corpora allata: a marker for ovarian control of juvenile hormone synthesis in Diploptera punctata, J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1219-1227

Authors: Johnson, E Ringo, J Dowse, H
Citation: E. Johnson et al., Native and heterologous neuropeptides are cardioactive in Drosophila melanogaster, J INSECT PH, 46(8), 2000, pp. 1229-1236

Authors: Sauer, JR Essenberg, RC Bowman, AS
Citation: Jr. Sauer et al., Salivary glands in ixodid ticks: control and mechanism of secretion, J INSECT PH, 46(7), 2000, pp. 1069-1078

Authors: Kogan, PH Hagedorn, HH
Citation: Ph. Kogan et Hh. Hagedorn, Polyamines, and effects from reducing their synthesis during egg development in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti, J INSECT PH, 46(7), 2000, pp. 1079-1095

Authors: Soroker, V Hefetz, A
Citation: V. Soroker et A. Hefetz, Hydrocarbon site of synthesis and circulation in the desert ant Cataglyphis niger, J INSECT PH, 46(7), 2000, pp. 1097-1102

Authors: Josens, RB Roces, F
Citation: Rb. Josens et F. Roces, Foraging in the ant Camponotus mus: nectar-intake rate and crop filling depend on colony starvation, J INSECT PH, 46(7), 2000, pp. 1103-1110

Authors: Goto, SG
Citation: Sg. Goto, Expression of Drosophila homologue of senescence marker protein-30 during cold acclimation, J INSECT PH, 46(7), 2000, pp. 1111-1120

Authors: Guarneri, AA Diotaiuti, L Gontijo, NF Gontijo, AF Pereira, MH
Citation: Aa. Guarneri et al., Comparison of feeding behaviour of Triatoma infestans, Triatoma brasiliensis and Triatoma pseudomaculata in different hosts by electronic monitoring of the cibarial pump, J INSECT PH, 46(7), 2000, pp. 1121-1127
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