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Authors: Witztum, JL
Citation: Jl. Witztum, To E or not to E - How do we tell?, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2785-2787

Authors: Zisman, LS
Citation: Ls. Zisman, Inhibiting tissue angiotensin-converting enzyme - A pound of flesh withoutthe blood?, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2788-2790

Authors: Ahmad, F Li, DX Karibe, A Gonzalez, O Tapscott, T Hill, R Weilbaecher, D Blackie, P Furey, M Gardner, M Bachinski, LL Roberts, R
Citation: F. Ahmad et al., Localization of a gene responsible for arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia to chromosome 3p23, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2791-2795

Authors: Ridker, PM Hennekens, CH Stampfer, MJ Wang, F
Citation: Pm. Ridker et al., Prospective study of herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, and the risk of future myocardial infarction and stroke, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2796-2799

Authors: Losordo, DW Vale, PR Symes, JF Dunnington, CH Esakof, DD Maysky, M Ashare, AB Lathi, K Isner, JM
Citation: Dw. Losordo et al., Gene therapy for myocardial angiogenesis - Initial clinical results with direct myocardial injection of phVEGF(165) as sole therapy for myocardial ischemia, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2800-2804

Authors: Cannon, CP Gibson, CM McCabe, CH Adgey, AAJ Schweiger, MJ Sequeira, RF Grollier, G Giugliano, RP Frey, M Mueller, HS Steingart, RM Weaver, WD Van de Werf, F Braunwald, E
Citation: Cp. Cannon et al., TNK tissue plasminogen activator compared with front-loaded alteplase in acute myocardial infarction - Results of the TIMI 10B trial, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2805-2814

Authors: Ghaddar, HM Folsom, AR Aleksic, N Hearne, LB Chambless, LE Morrissey, JH Wu, KK
Citation: Hm. Ghaddar et al., Correlation of factor VIIa values with factor VII gene polymorphism, fasting and postprandial triglyceride levels, and subclinical carotid atherosclerosis, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2815-2821

Authors: Reilly, MP Pratico, D Delanty, N DiMinno, G Tremoli, E Rader, D Kapoor, S Rokach, J Lawson, J FitzGerald, GA
Citation: Mp. Reilly et al., Increased formation of distinct F-2 isoprostanes in hypercholesterolemia, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2822-2828

Authors: Kong, DF Califf, RM Miller, DP Moliterno, DJ White, HD Harrington, RA Tcheng, JE Lincoff, AM Hasselblad, V Topol, EJ
Citation: Df. Kong et al., Clinical outcomes of therapeutic agents that block the platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa integrin in ischemic heart disease, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2829-2835

Authors: Roger, VL Jacobsen, SJ Pellikka, PA Miller, TD Bailey, KR Gersh, BJ
Citation: Vl. Roger et al., Prognostic value of treadmill exercise testing - A population-based study in Olmsted County, Minnesota, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2836-2841

Authors: Hornig, B Arakawa, N Haussmann, D Drexler, H
Citation: B. Hornig et al., Differential effects of quinaprilat and enalaprilat on endothelial function of conduit arteries in patients with chronic heart failure, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2842-2848

Authors: Magri, P Rao, MAE Cangianiello, S Bellizzi, V Russo, R Mele, AF Andreucci, M Memoli, B De Nicola, L Volpe, M
Citation: P. Magri et al., Early impairment of renal hemodynamic reserve in patients with asymptomatic heart failure is restored by angiotensin II antagonism, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2849-2854

Authors: Cortigiani, L Paolini, EA Nannini, E
Citation: L. Cortigiani et al., Dipyridamole stress echocardiography for risk stratification in hypertensive patients with chest pain, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2855-2859

Authors: Pandozi, C Bianconi, L Villani, M Gentilucci, G Castro, A Altamura, G Jesi, AP Lamberti, F Ammirati, F Santini, M
Citation: C. Pandozi et al., Electrophysiological characteristics of the human atria after cardioversion of persistent atrial fibrillation, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2860-2865

Authors: Caps, MT Perissinotto, C Zierler, RE Polissar, NL Bergelin, RO Tullis, MJ Cantwell-Gab, K Davidson, RC Strandness, DE
Citation: Mt. Caps et al., Prospective study of atherosclerotic disease progression in the renal artery, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2866-2872

Authors: Be'eri, E Maier, SE Landzberg, MJ Chung, T Geva, T
Citation: E. Be'Eri et al., In vivo evaluation of Fontan pathway flow dynamics by multidimensional phase-velocity magnetic resonance imaging, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2873-2882

Authors: Spyridopoulos, I Principe, N Krasinski, KL Xu, SH Kearney, M Magner, M Isner, JM Losordo, DW
Citation: I. Spyridopoulos et al., Restoration of E2F expression rescues vascular endothelial cells from tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced apoptosis, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2883-2890

Authors: Katoh, A Ikeda, H Murohara, T Haramaki, N Ito, H Imaizumi, T
Citation: A. Katoh et al., Platelet-derived 12-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid plays an important role in mediating canine coronary thrombosis by regulating platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa activation, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2891-2898

Authors: Koukkou, E Ghosh, P Lowy, C Poston, L
Citation: E. Koukkou et al., Offspring of normal and diabetic rats fed saturated fat in pregnancy demonstrate vascular dysfunction, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2899-2904

Authors: Haruna, T Horie, M Kouchi, I Nawada, R Tsuchiya, K Akao, M Otani, H Murakami, T Sasayama, S
Citation: T. Haruna et al., Coordinate interaction between ATP-sensitive K+ channel and Na+,K+-ATPase modulates ischemic preconditioning, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2905-2910

Authors: Su, JB Barbe, F Houel, R Guyene, TT Crozatier, B Hittinger, L
Citation: Jb. Su et al., Preserved vasodilator effect of bradykinin in dogs with heart failure, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2911-2918

Authors: Kameyama, T Chen, ZY Bell, SP VanBuren, P Maughan, D LeWinter, MM
Citation: T. Kameyama et al., Mechanoenergetic alterations during the transition from cardiac hypertrophy to failure in Dahl salt-sensitive rats, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2919-2929

Authors: Le Bret, E Mace, L Dervanian, P Folliguet, T Bourriez, A Zoghby, J Lambert, V Losay, J Martin-Bouyer, Y Neveux, JY
Citation: E. Le Bret et al., Combined angiography and three-dimensional computed tomography for assessing systemic-to-pulmonary collaterals in pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2930-2931

Authors: Kluijtmans, LAJ Blom, HJ Boers, GHJ Willems, F
Citation: Laj. Kluijtmans et al., Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutation and coronary artery disease -Response, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2932-2933

Authors: Samani, NJ
Citation: Nj. Samani, Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutation and coronary artery disease, CIRCULATION, 98(25), 1998, pp. 2932-2932
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