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Table of contents of journal: *Electrochemical and solid-state letters

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Authors: Mukherjee, A Harrison, D Podlaha, EJ
Citation: A. Mukherjee et al., Electrosynthesis of nanocrystalline ceria-zirconia, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. D5-D7

Authors: Pan, TM Chien, CH Lei, TF Chao, TS Huang, TY
Citation: Tm. Pan et al., Electrical characteristics of thin cerium oxide film on silicon substrate by reactive DC sputtering, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. F15-F17

Authors: Su, SH Yokoyama, M
Citation: Sh. Su et M. Yokoyama, A two-step deposition technology for high dielectric constant a HfO2 thin films, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. F18-F19

Authors: Zhuiykov, S Muta, M Ono, T Hasei, M Yamazoe, NA Miura, N
Citation: S. Zhuiykov et al., Stabilized zirconia-based NOx sensor using ZnFe2O4 sensing electrode, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. H19-H21

Authors: Macpherson, JV de Mussy, JPG Delplancke, JL
Citation: Jv. Macpherson et al., Conducting-atomic force microscopy investigation of the local electrical characteristics of a Ti/TiO2/Pt anode, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. E33-E36

Authors: Mo, YB Cai, WB Dong, JA Carey, PR Scherson, DA
Citation: Yb. Mo et al., In situ surface enhanced raman scattering of ruthenium dioxide films in acid electrolytes, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. E37-E38

Authors: Lee, J Tak, Y
Citation: J. Lee et Y. Tak, Electrodeposition of ZnO on ITO electrode by potential modulation method, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. C63-C65

Authors: Li, X Yan, Y Mason, A Gessert, TA Coutts, TJ
Citation: X. Li et al., High mobility CdO films and their dependence on structure, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. C66-C68

Authors: Chang, MN Chang, TY Pan, FM Wu, BW Lei, TF
Citation: Mn. Chang et al., An investigation of scanning capacitance microscopy on iron-contaminated p-type silicon, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. G69-G71

Authors: Imanishi, A Morisawa, K Nakato, Y
Citation: A. Imanishi et al., Formation of nanosized rodlike Ni clusters by electrodeposition on H-terminated Si(III) surfaces, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. C69-C72

Authors: Beaulieu, LY Eberman, KW Turner, RL Krause, LJ Dahn, JR
Citation: Ly. Beaulieu et al., Colossal reversible volume changes in lithium alloys, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. A137-A140

Authors: Kim, JS Prakash, J Selman, JR
Citation: Js. Kim et al., Thermal characteristics of LixMn2O4 spinel, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. A141-A144

Authors: Sugimoto, W Ohnuma, T Murakami, Y Takasu, Y
Citation: W. Sugimoto et al., Molybdenum oxide/carbon composite electrodes as electrochemical supercapacitors, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. A145-A147

Authors: Wang, ZX Gao, WD Huang, XJ Mo, YJ Chen, LQ
Citation: Zx. Wang et al., Ion transport in polyacrylonitrile-based electrolytes with high LiTFSI contents, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. A148-A150

Authors: Dokko, K Nishizawa, M Mohamedi, M Umeda, M Uchida, I Akimoto, J Takahashi, Y Gotoh, Y Mizuta, S
Citation: K. Dokko et al., Electrochemical studies of Li-ion extraction and insertion of LiMn2O4 single crystal, EL SOLID ST, 4(9), 2001, pp. A151-A153

Authors: Moffat, TP Wheeler, D Huber, WH Josell, D
Citation: Tp. Moffat et al., Superconformal electrodeposition of copper (vol 4, pg C26, 2001), EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. L5-L5

Authors: Cheng, HC Chen, KJ Hong, WK Tantair, FG Lin, CP Chen, KH Chen, LC
Citation: Hc. Cheng et al., Fabrication and characterization of low turn-on voltage carbon nanotube field emission triodes, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. H15-H17

Authors: de Souza, S da Silva, JEP de Torresi, SIC Temperini, MLA Torresi, RM
Citation: S. De Souza et al., Polyaniline based acrylic blends for iron corrosion protection, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. B27-B30

Authors: Yoon, J Zory, P Menna, R Lee, H Capewell, D
Citation: J. Yoon et al., Pulsed anodization etching for the fabrication of ridge-waveguide structures in mid-infrared InGaAsSb quantum well laser material, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. C55-C57

Authors: Schulz, DL Curtis, CJ Ginley, DS
Citation: Dl. Schulz et al., Surface chemistry of copper nanoparticles and direct spray printing of hybrid particle/metallorganic inks, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. C58-C61

Authors: Hara, T Togoh, F Kurosu, T Sakamoto, K Shioya, Y Ishimaru, T Doy, TK
Citation: T. Hara et al., Mechanism of mechanical and chemical polishing in low dielectric constant plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition SiOC layer from hexamethyldisiloxane, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. G65-G67

Authors: Kim, SS Kadoma, Y Ikuta, H Uchimoto, Y Wakihara, M
Citation: Ss. Kim et al., Electrochemical performance of natural graphite by surface modification using aluminum, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. A109-A112

Authors: Aurbach, D Cohen, Y Moshkovich, M
Citation: D. Aurbach et al., The study of reversible magnesium deposition by in situ scanning tunnelingmicroscopy, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. A113-A116

Authors: Yang, XQ Sun, X Balasubramanian, M McBreen, J Xia, Y Sakai, T Yoshio, M
Citation: Xq. Yang et al., The population of oxygen vacancies in Li1+yMn2-yO4-delta type cathode materials - The primary factor of temperature dependent structural changes, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. A117-A120

Authors: Croce, F Fiory, FS Persi, L Scrosati, B
Citation: F. Croce et al., A high-rate, long-life, lithium nanocomposite polymer electrolyte battery, EL SOLID ST, 4(8), 2001, pp. A121-A123
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