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Authors: Naldi, R
Citation: R. Naldi, Relations between Florence and Naples between the 15th and 16th centuries:the marble altarpiece by Andrea di Pietro Ferrucci for Maria Brancaccio, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 103-114

Authors: La Porta, P
Citation: P. La Porta, Zaccaria Zacchi: early works of the sculptor, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 115-126

Authors: Angelini, A
Citation: A. Angelini, The Marrini family of sculptors and the identity of the "Michelangeolo sanese" mentioned by Benvenuto Cellini, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 127-138

Authors: Prosperi Valenti Rodino, S
Citation: S. Prosperi Valenti Rodino, Drawings from early 16th century Tuscany in the Vatican library: Beccafumi, Fra Bartolomeo, Sogliani, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 139-142

Authors: Bisceglia, A
Citation: A. Bisceglia, Observations concerning the wooden chancel in the cathedral of Barcelona: Sculpture by Bartolome Ordonez, Diego de Siloee, Jean Mone, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 143-156

Authors: Ballarin, A
Citation: A. Ballarin, A 'Madonnina della mela' by Battista Dossi, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 157-158

Authors: Dacos, N
Citation: N. Dacos, The work of Perin del Vaga and three painters from Brussels in the Roman palace of Andrea Della Valle, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 159-170

Authors: Agosti, G
Citation: G. Agosti, Background notes on Giulio Romano and his place in Cinquecento arte, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 171

Authors: Bartalini, R
Citation: R. Bartalini, Paolo Giovio, Francesco Salviati and the portraits of famous men, PROSPETTIVA, (91-92), 1998, pp. 186

Authors: Bonamici, M
Citation: M. Bonamici, Stamnos 448 from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna: a proposed interpretation, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 2-15

Authors: Minardi, M
Citation: M. Minardi, The influence of Piero della Francesca: Girolamo di Giovanni and an episode involving court painting in Camerino, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 16-39

Authors: Fergonzi, F
Citation: F. Fergonzi, Auguste Rodin and the Italian sculptors (1889-1915), part 1, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 40-73

Authors: Catoni , ML
Citation: Ml. Catoni , Boys as satyrs on Attic red-figure pottery, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 74-84

Authors: Coen, A
Citation: A. Coen, Gold bullae from Picenum in the Museo-Archeologico-Nazionale-delle-Marche, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 85-97

Authors: Settis, S
Citation: S. Settis, The 'Testa di Moro' by 13th-century sculptor Nicola Pisano, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 98-105

Authors: Galli, A
Citation: A. Galli, A Quattrocento sculptor traveling between Apuania and the lower Po Valley:the Master-of-the-Fava-Sepulchre, follower of Jacopo della Quercia, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 106-124

Authors: Caglioti, F
Citation: F. Caglioti, Isaia da Pisa. Two statues of angels holding candles in the church of Santa-Sabina-all'Aventino and the eucharistic altar in Santa-Maria-Maggiore commissioned by the cardinal Guillaume d' Estouteville, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 125-160

Authors: Naldi, R
Citation: R. Naldi, Giovanni da Nola in competition with Girolamo Santacroce: A statute of Saint John the Baptist in the Vaduz castle, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 161-168

Authors: Occhipinti, C
Citation: C. Occhipinti, The Villa-d'Este in Fontainebleau and its heating system. Documents pertaining to Sebastiano Serlio and the cardinal of Ferrara, Ippolito d'Este, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 169-183

Authors: Angelini, A
Citation: A. Angelini, The marble bust of pope Alexander VII carved by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1657, PROSPETTIVA, (89-90), 1998, pp. 184-192

Authors: MARCONI C
Citation: C. Marconi, THE TITANS AND OLYMPIAN ZEUS - THE ATLASES IN THE OLYMPIEION AT AGRIGENTUM, Prospettiva, (87-88), 1997, pp. 2-13

Authors: MOMESSO S
Citation: S. Momesso, THE ART OF THE EARLY-16TH-CENTURY VENETIAN PAINTER BASAITI,MARCO, Prospettiva, (87-88), 1997, pp. 14-41

Citation: T. Montanari, BERNINI,GIAN,LORENZO AND PALLAVICINO,SFORZA, Prospettiva, (87-88), 1997, pp. 42-68

Authors: IAMURRI L
Citation: L. Iamurri, BERENSON,BERNHARD, MODERN PAINTING AND NEW ITALIAN CRITICISM, Prospettiva, (87-88), 1997, pp. 69-90

Authors: GILOTTA F
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