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Authors: Ovchinnikov, MV Guzei, IA Angelici, RJ
Citation: Mv. Ovchinnikov et al., Amine attack on the carbonyl ligands of the protonated dicyclopentadienyl-bridged diruthenium complex [{(eta(5)-C5H3)(2)(SiMe2)(2)}Ru-2(CO)(4)(mu-H)](+), ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 691-696

Authors: Faller, JW Parr, J
Citation: Jw. Faller et J. Parr, Utility of osmium(II) in the catalysis of asymmetric Diels-Alder reactions, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 697-699

Authors: Sitzmann, H Saurenz, D Wolmershauser, G Klein, A Boese, R
Citation: H. Sitzmann et al., Bis(tetraisopropylcyclopentadienylnickel)dichalcogenides: Complexes of the novel [{CpME}(2)] type (E = S, Se, Te), ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 700-705

Authors: Lu, ZP Yap, GPA Richeson, DS
Citation: Zp. Lu et al., Tetrasubstituted guanidinate anions as supporting ligands in organoyttriumchemistry, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 706-712

Authors: Weston, J
Citation: J. Weston, Theoretical study on the structure and electronic properties of mono- and bimetallic methylzinc complexes containing bidentate ligands, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 713-720

Authors: Yam, VWW Yu, KL Wong, KMC Cheung, KK
Citation: Vww. Yam et al., Synthesis and structural characterization of a novel luminescent tetranuclear mixed-metal platinum(II)-copper(I) complex, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 721-726

Authors: Chivers, T Downard, A Parvez, M Schatte, G
Citation: T. Chivers et al., Hexameric and tetrameric copper(I) thioamidates, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 727-733

Authors: Hutton, MA Durham, JC Grady, RW Harris, BE Jarrell, CS Mooney, JM Castellani, MP Rheingold, AL Kolle, U Korte, BJ Sommer, RD Yee, GT Boggess, JM Czernuszewicz, RS
Citation: Ma. Hutton et al., Halogen oxidation reactions of (C5Ph5)Cr(CO)(3) and Lewis base addition to[(C5Ph5)Cr(mu-X)X](2): Electrochemical, magnetic, and Raman spectroscopic characterization of [(C5Ph5)CrX2](2) and (C5Ph5)CrX2(THF) (X = Cl, Br, I) and X-ray crystal structure of [(C5Ph5)Cr(mu -Cl)Cl](2), ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 734-740

Authors: Lee, T Lee, SW Jang, HG Kang, SO Ko, J
Citation: T. Lee et al., Synthesis and reactivity of organotin compounds containing the C,P-chelating o-carboranylphosphino ligand [o-C2B10H10PPh2-C,P](Cab(C,P)). X-ray structures of (Cab(C,CH2P))SnMe2Br, [(Cab(C,P))SnMe2](2)Pd, and [(Cab(C,P))SnMe2]Pd(PEt3)Cl, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 741-748

Authors: Saito, M Nitta, M Yoshioka, M
Citation: M. Saito et al., Synthesis and structures of two 9,10-dihydro-9,10-distannaanthracenes, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 749-753

Authors: Casarin, M Pandolfo, L Vittadini, A
Citation: M. Casarin et al., UV-photoelectron spectra of [M(eta(3)-C3H5)(2)] (M = Ni, Pd, Pt) revisited: A quasi-relativistic density functional study, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 754-762

Authors: Yang, SC Tsai, YC
Citation: Sc. Yang et Yc. Tsai, Regio- and stereoselectivity in palladium(0)-catalyzed allylation of anilines using allylic alcohols directly, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 763-770

Authors: Wiberg, KB Sklenak, S Bailey, WF
Citation: Kb. Wiberg et al., Computational study of 10-X-2 ate complexes derived from vinyllithiums andvinyl halides, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 771-774

Authors: Bitterwolf, TE Linehan, JC Shade, JE
Citation: Te. Bitterwolf et al., Solution and Nujol matrix photochemistry of (eta(5)-C5H5)(2)Os-2(CO)(4) and Nujol matrix photochemistry of (eta(5)-C5H4CH3)(2)Ru-2(CO)(4) and (eta(5)-C5H5)M(CO)(2)H, where M = Ru and Os, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 775-781

Authors: Bambirra, S Meetsma, A Hessen, B Teuben, JH
Citation: S. Bambirra et al., Yttrium alkyl complex with a linked bis(amidinate) ancillary ligand, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 782-785

Authors: Barthel, A Mealli, C Uhl, W Reinhold, J
Citation: A. Barthel et al., Alkylindium(I) vs carbon monoxide bridges in binuclear iron carbonyl complexes: A theoretical study, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 786-789

Authors: Bottcher, P Roesky, HW Walawalkar, MG Schmidt, HG
Citation: P. Bottcher et al., Synthesis and structure of the first soluble ternary metal amide-imide compounds with an M2Al2Si2N6 core (M = Li, Na), ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 790-793

Authors: Lee, HM Smith, DC He, ZJ Stevens, ED Yi, CS Nolan, SP
Citation: Hm. Lee et al., Catalytic hydrogenation of alkenes by the ruthenium-carbene complex HRu(CO)Cl(PCy3)(IMes) (IMes = bis(1,3-(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)imidazol-2-ylidene), ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 794-797

Authors: Bailey, PJ Coxall, RA Dick, CM Fabre, S Parsons, S
Citation: Pj. Bailey et al., Steric blocking of methyl bridging: The syntheses and X-ray crystal structures of a three-coordinate methyl magnesium complex and its THF adduct, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 798-801

Authors: Yi, CS He, ZJ Lee, DW
Citation: Cs. Yi et al., Hydrovinylation of alkenes catalyzed by the ruthenium-hydride complex formed in situ from (PCy3)(2)(CO)RuHCl and HBF4 center dot OEt2, ORGANOMETAL, 20(4), 2001, pp. 802-804

Authors: Izod, K Clegg, W Liddle, ST
Citation: K. Izod et al., The first structurally authenticated Rb-PR3 and Cs-PR3 contacts. Synthesisand crystal structures of [Rb{(Me3Si)(2)CP(C6H4-2-CH2NMe2)(2)}](n) and [Cs{(Me3Si)(2)CP(C6H4-2-CH2NMe2)(2)}(toluene)](n), ORGANOMETAL, 20(3), 2001, pp. 367-369

Authors: Amarasinghe, KKD Chowdhury, SK Heeg, MJ Montgomery, J
Citation: Kkd. Amarasinghe et al., Structure of an eta(1) nickel O-enolate: Mechanistic implications in catalytic enyne cyclizations, ORGANOMETAL, 20(3), 2001, pp. 370-372

Authors: Merlic, CA Miller, MM
Citation: Ca. Merlic et Mm. Miller, Neighboring group participation by chromium in substitution reactions of (eta(6)-arene)tricarbonylchromium complexes, ORGANOMETAL, 20(3), 2001, pp. 373-375

Authors: Netz, A Polborn, K Muller, TJJ
Citation: A. Netz et al., Unexpected consecutive propargyl-allenyl isomerization in nucleophilic trapping reactions of (arene)Cr(CO)(3)-substituted propargyl cations, ORGANOMETAL, 20(3), 2001, pp. 376-378

Authors: Ito, M Hirakawa, M Murata, K Ikariya, T
Citation: M. Ito et al., Hydrogenation of aromatic ketones catalyzed by (eta(5)-C-5(CH3)(5))Ru complexes bearing primary amines, ORGANOMETAL, 20(3), 2001, pp. 379-381
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