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Authors: Burmeister, S Konieczka, J Wilczynski, W
Citation: S. Burmeister et al., Agonistic encounters in a cricket frog (Acris crepitans) chorus: Behavioral outcomes vary with local competition and within the breeding season, ETHOLOGY, 105(4), 1999, pp. 335-347

Authors: Schmidt, KT Hoi, H
Citation: Kt. Schmidt et H. Hoi, Feeding tactics of low-ranking red deer stags at supplementary feeding sites, ETHOLOGY, 105(4), 1999, pp. 349-360

Authors: Reebs, SG
Citation: Sg. Reebs, Time-place learning based on food but not on predation risk in a fish, theinanga (Galaxias maculatus), ETHOLOGY, 105(4), 1999, pp. 361-371

Authors: Mateo, JM Holmes, WG
Citation: Jm. Mateo et Wg. Holmes, Plasticity of alarm-call response development in Belding's ground squirrels (Spermophilus beldingi, Sciuridae), ETHOLOGY, 105(3), 1999, pp. 193-206

Authors: Mateo, JM Holmes, WG
Citation: Jm. Mateo et Wg. Holmes, How rearing history affects alarm-call responses of Belding's ground squirrels (Spermophilus beldingi, Sciuridae), ETHOLOGY, 105(3), 1999, pp. 207-222

Authors: Hoffmeister, TS Gienapp, P
Citation: Ts. Hoffmeister et P. Gienapp, Exploitation of the host's chemical communication in a parasitoid searching for concealed host larvae, ETHOLOGY, 105(3), 1999, pp. 223-232

Authors: Jormalainen, V Shuster, SM
Citation: V. Jormalainen et Sm. Shuster, Female reproductive cycle and sexual conflict over precopulatory mate-guarding in Thermosphaeroma (Crustacea, Isopoda), ETHOLOGY, 105(3), 1999, pp. 233-246

Authors: Pelabon, C Komers, PE Birgersson, B Ekvall, K
Citation: C. Pelabon et al., Social interactions of yearling male fallow deer during rut, ETHOLOGY, 105(3), 1999, pp. 247-258

Authors: Fietz, J
Citation: J. Fietz, Monogamy as a rule rather than exception in nocturnal lemurs: the case of the fat-tailed dwarf lemur, Cheirogaleus medius, ETHOLOGY, 105(3), 1999, pp. 259-272

Authors: O'Donnell, S
Citation: S. O'Donnell, The function of male dominance in the eusocial wasp, Mischocyttarus mastigophorus (Hymenoptera : Vespidae), ETHOLOGY, 105(3), 1999, pp. 273-282

Authors: Muheim, R Jenni, L Weindler, P
Citation: R. Muheim et al., The orientation behaviour of chaffinches, Fringilla coelebs, caught duringactive migratory flight, in relation to the sun, ETHOLOGY, 105(2), 1999, pp. 97-110

Authors: Giunchi, D Mongini, E Baldaccini, NE
Citation: D. Giunchi et al., The influence of repeated releases on the homing behaviour of sand martins(Riparia riparia), ETHOLOGY, 105(2), 1999, pp. 111-124

Authors: Langmore, NE
Citation: Ne. Langmore, Song tutor choice in polyandrous dunnocks, ETHOLOGY, 105(2), 1999, pp. 125-136

Authors: Mota, PG
Citation: Pg. Mota, The functions of song in the serin, ETHOLOGY, 105(2), 1999, pp. 137-148

Authors: Ackers, SH Slobodchikoff, CN
Citation: Sh. Ackers et Cn. Slobodchikoff, Communication of stimulus size and shape in alarm calls of Gunnison's prairie dogs, Cynomys gunnisoni, ETHOLOGY, 105(2), 1999, pp. 149-162

Authors: Millesi, E Huber, S Everts, LG Dittami, JP
Citation: E. Millesi et al., Reproductive decisions in female European ground squirrels: Factors affecting reproductive output and maternal investment, ETHOLOGY, 105(2), 1999, pp. 163-175

Authors: Woodward, RL Schmick, MK Ferkin, MH
Citation: Rl. Woodward et al., Response of prairie voles, Microtus ochrogaster (Rodentia, Arvicolidae), to scent over-maths of two same-sex conspecifics: A test of the scent-masking hypothesis, ETHOLOGY, 105(12), 1999, pp. 1009-1017

Authors: Krupa, JJ Sih, A
Citation: Jj. Krupa et A. Sih, Comparison of antipredator responses of two related water striders to a common predator, ETHOLOGY, 105(12), 1999, pp. 1019-1033

Authors: Day, RT Elwood, RW
Citation: Rt. Day et Rw. Elwood, Sleeping site selection by the golden-handed tamarin Saguinus midas midas:The role of predation risk, proximity to feeding sites, and territorial defence, ETHOLOGY, 105(12), 1999, pp. 1035-1051

Authors: Wauters, LA Gurnell, J
Citation: La. Wauters et J. Gurnell, The mechanism of replacement of red squirrels by grey squirrels: A test ofthe interference competition hypothesis, ETHOLOGY, 105(12), 1999, pp. 1053-1071

Authors: Madison, DM Maerz, JC McDarby, JH
Citation: Dm. Madison et al., Optimization of predator avoidance by salamanders using chemical cues: Diet and diel effects, ETHOLOGY, 105(12), 1999, pp. 1073-1086

Authors: Persson, I Andersson, G
Citation: I. Persson et G. Andersson, Intraclutch hatch synchronization in pheasants and mallard ducks, ETHOLOGY, 105(12), 1999, pp. 1087-1096

Authors: Cunningham, DS Burghardt, GM
Citation: Ds. Cunningham et Gm. Burghardt, A comparative study of facial grooming after prey ingestion in colubrid snakes, ETHOLOGY, 105(11), 1999, pp. 913-936

Authors: Ojanguren, AF Brana, F
Citation: Af. Ojanguren et F. Brana, Discrimination against water containing unrelated conspecifics and a marginal effect of relatedness on spacing behaviour and growth in juvenile browntrout, Salmo trutta L., ETHOLOGY, 105(11), 1999, pp. 937-948

Authors: Bateman, PW MacFadyen, DN
Citation: Pw. Bateman et Dn. Macfadyen, Mate guarding in the cricket Gryllodes sigillatus: Influence of multiple potential partners, ETHOLOGY, 105(11), 1999, pp. 949-957
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