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Authors: Wyss, C Choi, BK Schupbach, P Moter, A Guggenheim, B Gobel, UB
Citation: C. Wyss et al., Treponema lecithinolyticum sp nov., a small saccharolytic spirochaete withphospholipase A and C activities associated with periodontal diseases, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1329-1339

Authors: Leonardo, MR Moser, DP Barbieri, E Brantner, CA MacGregor, BJ Paster, BJ Stackebrandt, E Nealson, KH
Citation: Mr. Leonardo et al., Shewanella pealeana sp nov., a member of the microbial community associated with the accessory nidamental gland of the squid Loligo pealei, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1341-1351

Authors: Matsuyama, H Kawasaki, K Yumoto, I Shida, O
Citation: H. Matsuyama et al., Microbacterium kitamiense sp nov., a new polysaccharide-producing bacterium isolated from the wastewater of a sugar-beet factory, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1353-1357

Authors: Nick, G de Lajudie, P Eardly, BD Suomalainen, S Paulin, L Zhang, XP Gillis, M Lindstrom, K
Citation: G. Nick et al., Sinorhizobium arboris sp nov and Sinorhizobium kostiense sp nov., isolatedfrom leguminous trees in Sudan and Kenya, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1359-1368

Authors: Chun, JS Kim, SB Oh, YK Seong, CN Lee, DH Bae, KS Lee, KJ Kang, SO Hah, YC Goodfellow, M
Citation: Js. Chun et al., Amycolatopsis thermoflava sp nov., a novel soil actinomycete from Hainan Island, China, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1369-1373

Authors: Jalava, J Eerola, E
Citation: J. Jalava et E. Eerola, Phylogenetic analysis of Fusobacterium alocis and Fusobacterium sulci based on 16S rRNA gene sequences: proposal of Filifactor alocis (Cato, Moore and Moore) comb. nov and Eubacterium sulci (Cato, Moore and Moore) comb. nov., INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1375-1379

Authors: Collins, MD Jovita, MR Lawson, PA Falsen, E Foster, G
Citation: Md. Collins et al., Characterization of a novel Gram-positive, catalase-negative coccus from horses: description of Eremococcus coleocola gen. nov., sp. nov., INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1381-1385

Authors: Ahmad, S Selvapandiyan, A Bhatnagar, RK
Citation: S. Ahmad et al., A protein-based phylogenetic tree for Gram-positive bacteria derived from hrcA, a unique heat-shock regulatory gene, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1387-1394

Authors: Al-Tai, A Kim, B Kim, SB Manfio, GP Goodfellow, M
Citation: A. Al-tai et al., Streptomyces malaysiensis sp nov., a new streptomycete species with rugose, ornamented spores, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1395-1402

Authors: Martinez-Murcia, AJ
Citation: Aj. Martinez-murcia, Phylogenetic positions of Aeromonas encheleia, Aeromonas popoffii, Aeromonas DNA hybridization Group 11 and Aeromonas Group 501, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1403-1408

Authors: Masuzawa, T Fukui, T Miyake, M Oh, HB Cho, MK Chang, WH Imai, Y Yanagihara, Y
Citation: T. Masuzawa et al., Determination of members of a Borrelia afzelii-related group isolated fromIxodes nipponensis in Korea as Borrelia valaisiana, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1409-1415

Authors: Groisillier, A Lonvaud-Funel, A
Citation: A. Groisillier et A. Lonvaud-funel, Comparison of partial malolactic enzyme gene sequences for phylogenetic analysis of some lactic acid bacteria species and relationships with the malic enzyme, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1417-1428

Authors: Collins, MD Falsen, E Foster, G Monasterio, LR Dominguez, L Fernandez-Garazabal, JF
Citation: Md. Collins et al., Helcococcus ovis sp nov., a Gram-positive organism from sheep, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1429-1432

Authors: Sproer, C Mendrock, U Swiderski, J Lang, E Stackebrandt, E
Citation: C. Sproer et al., The phylogenetic position of Serratia, Buttiauxella and some other genera of the family Enterobacteriaceae, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1433-1438

Authors: Collins, MD Jovita, MR Hutson, RA Falsen, E Sjoden, B Facklam, RR
Citation: Md. Collins et al., Dolosicoccus paucivorans gen. nov., sp nov., isolated from human blood, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1439-1442

Authors: Whiley, RA Hall, LMC Hardie, JM Beighton, D
Citation: Ra. Whiley et al., A study of small-colony, beta-haemolytic, Lancefield group C streptococci within the anginosus group: description of Streptococcus constellatus subsppharyngis subsp nov., associated with the human throat and pharyngitis, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1443-1449

Authors: Cai, YM Okada, H Mori, H Benno, Y Nakase, T
Citation: Ym. Cai et al., Lactobacillus paralimentarius sp nov., isolated from sourdough, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1451-1455

Authors: Tan, ZY Wang, ET Peng, GX Zhu, ME Martinez-Romero, E Chen, WX
Citation: Zy. Tan et al., Characterization of bacteria isolated from wild legumes in the north-western regions of China, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1457-1469

Authors: Slobodkin, AI Tourova, TP Kuznetsov, BB Kostrikina, NA Chernyh, NA Bonch-Osmolovskaya, EA
Citation: Ai. Slobodkin et al., Thermoanaerobacter siderophilus sp nov., a novel dissimilatory Fe(III)-reducing, anaerobic, thermophilic bacterium, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1471-1478

Authors: Wang, ET Rogel, MA Garcia-de los Santos, A Martinez-Romero, J Cevallos, MA Martinez-Romero, E
Citation: Et. Wang et al., Rhizobium etli bv. mimosae, a novel biovar isolated from Mimosa affinis, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1479-1491

Authors: Brown, BA Springer, B Steingrube, VA Wilson, RW Pfyffer, GE Garcia, MJ Menendez, MC Rodriguez-Salgado, B Jost, KC Chiu, SH Onyi, GO Bottger, EC Wallace, RJ
Citation: Ba. Brown et al., Mycobacterium wolinskyi sp nov and Mycobacterium goodii sp nov., two new rapidly growing species related to Mycobacterium smegmatis and associated with human wound infections: a cooperative study from the International Working Group on Mycobacterial Taxonomy, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1493-1511

Authors: Kummer, C Schumann, P Stackebrandt, E
Citation: C. Kummer et al., Gordonia alkanivorans sp nov., isolated from tar-contaminated soil, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1513-1522

Authors: Collins, MD Jovita, MR Foster, G Sjoden, B Falsen, E
Citation: Md. Collins et al., Characterization of a Gemella-like organism from the oral cavity of a dog:description of Gemella palaticanis sp nov., INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1523-1526

Authors: Pascual, C Collins, MD
Citation: C. Pascual et Md. Collins, Brevibacterium avium sp nov., isolated from poultry, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1527-1530

Authors: Hedegaard, J Steffensen, SAD Norskov-Lauritsen, N Mortensen, KK Sperling-Petersen, HU
Citation: J. Hedegaard et al., Identification of Enterobacteriaceae by partial sequencing of the gene encoding translation initiation factor 2, INT J SY B, 49, 1999, pp. 1531-1538
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