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Authors: Gonzalez-Solis, J Sokolov, E Becker, PH
Citation: J. Gonzalez-solis et al., Courtship feedings, copulations and paternity in common terns, Sterna hirundo, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1125-1132

Authors: Shine, R O'Connor, D Lemaster, MP Mason, RT
Citation: R. Shine et al., Pick on someone your own size: ontogenetic shifts in mate choice by male garter snakes result in size-assortative mating, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1133-1141

Authors: Valdimarsson, SK Metcalfe, NB
Citation: Sk. Valdimarsson et Nb. Metcalfe, Is the level of aggression and dispersion in territorial fish dependent onlight intensity?, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1143-1149

Authors: Lichtenstein, G
Citation: G. Lichtenstein, Selfish begging by screaming cowbirds, a mimetic brood parasite of the bay-winged cowbird, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1151-1158

Authors: Palombit, RA Cheney, DL Seyfarth, RM
Citation: Ra. Palombit et al., Female-female competition for male 'friends' in wild chacma baboons, Papiocynocephalus ursinus, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1159-1171

Authors: Schneider, SS Painter-Kurt, S Degrandi-Hoffman, G
Citation: Ss. Schneider et al., The role of the vibration signal during queen competition in colonies of the honeybee, Apis mellifera, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1173-1180

Authors: Holway, DA Case, TJ
Citation: Da. Holway et Tj. Case, Effects of colony-level variation on competitive ability in the invasive Argentine ant, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1181-1192

Authors: Windfelder, TL
Citation: Tl. Windfelder, Interspecific communication in mixed-species groups of tamarins: evidence from playback experiments, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1193-1201

Authors: Wilson, ML Hauser, MD Wrangham, RW
Citation: Ml. Wilson et al., Does participation in intergroup conflict depend on numerical assessment, range location, or rank for wild chimpanzees?, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1203-1216

Authors: Parker, KJ Phillips, KM Lee, TM
Citation: Kj. Parker et al., Development of selective partner preferences in captive male and female meadow voles, Microtus pennsylvanicus, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1217-1226

Authors: Olupot, W Waser, PM
Citation: W. Olupot et Pm. Waser, Activity patterns, habitat use and mortality risks of mangabey males living outside social groups, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1227-1235

Authors: Itzkowitz, M Santangelo, N Richter, M
Citation: M. Itzkowitz et al., Parental division of labour and the shift from minimal to maximal role specializations: an examination using a biparental fish, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1237-1245

Authors: Kasuya, E
Citation: E. Kasuya, Mann-Whitney U test when variances are unequal, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1247-1249

Authors: Wachtmeister, CA
Citation: Ca. Wachtmeister, Display in monogamous pairs: a review of empirical data and evolutionary explanations, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 861-868

Authors: Shellman-Reeve, JS
Citation: Js. Shellman-reeve, Genetic relatedness and partner preference in a monogamous, wood-dwelling termite, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 869-876

Authors: Papke, MD Riechert, SE Schulz, S
Citation: Md. Papke et al., An airborne female pheromone associated with male attraction and courtshipin a desert spider, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 877-886

Authors: Vitazkova, SK Long, E Paul, A Glendinning, JI
Citation: Sk. Vitazkova et al., Mice suppress malaria infection by sampling a 'bitter' chemotherapy agent, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 887-894

Authors: Coolen, I Giraldeau, LA Lavoie, M
Citation: I. Coolen et al., Head position as an indicator of producer and scrounger tactics in a ground-feeding bird, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 895-903

Authors: Johnson, JC
Citation: Jc. Johnson, Sexual cannibalism in fishing spiders (Dolomedes triton): an evaluation oftwo explanations for female aggression towards potential mates, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 905-914

Authors: Mitani, JC Watts, DP
Citation: Jc. Mitani et Dp. Watts, Why do chimpanzees hunt and share meat?, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 915-924

Authors: Fischer, J Metz, M Cheney, DL Seyfarth, RM
Citation: J. Fischer et al., Baboon responses to graded bark variants, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 925-931

Authors: Gariepy, JL Bauer, DJ Cairns, RB
Citation: Jl. Gariepy et al., Selective breeding for differential aggression in mice provides evidence for heterochrony in social behaviours, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 933-947

Authors: Bugnyar, T Kijne, M Kotrschal, K
Citation: T. Bugnyar et al., Food calling in ravens: are yells referential signals?, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 949-958

Authors: Page, B Goldsworthy, SD Hindell, MA
Citation: B. Page et al., Vocal traits of hybrid fur seals: intermediate to their parental species, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 959-967

Authors: Faivre, B Preault, M Thery, M Secondi, J Patris, B Cezilly, F
Citation: B. Faivre et al., Breeding strategy and morphological characters in an urban population of blackbirds, Turdus merula, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 969-974
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