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Authors: Di Bitetti, MS Janson, CH
Citation: Ms. Di Bitetti et Ch. Janson, Social foraging and the finder's share in capuchin monkeys, Cebus apella, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 47-56

Authors: Arathi, HS Spivak, M
Citation: Hs. Arathi et M. Spivak, Influence of colony genotypic composition on the performance of hygienic behaviour in the honeybee, Apis mellifera L., ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 57-66

Authors: Simpkins, MA Kelly, BP Wartzok, D
Citation: Ma. Simpkins et al., Three-dimensional analysis of search behaviour by ringed seals, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 67-72

Authors: Janzen, FJ Morjan, CL
Citation: Fj. Janzen et Cl. Morjan, Repeatability of microenvironment-specific nesting behaviour in a turtle with environmental sex determination, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 73-82

Authors: Chuang-Dobbs, HC Webster, MS Holmes, RT
Citation: Hc. Chuang-dobbs et al., Paternity and parental care in the black-throated blue warbler, Dendroica caerulescens, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 83-92

Authors: Grinnell, J McComb, K
Citation: J. Grinnell et K. Mccomb, Roaring and social communication in African lions: the limitations imposedby listeners, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 93-98

Authors: Als, TD Nash, DR Boomsma, JJ
Citation: Td. Als et al., Adoption of parasitic Maculinea alcon caterpillars (Lepidoptera : Lycaenidae) by three Myrmica ant species, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 99-106

Authors: Grieco, F
Citation: F. Grieco, Short-term regulation of food-provisioning rate and effect on prey size inblue tits, Parus caeruleus, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 107-116

Authors: Gray, CM Hamer, KC
Citation: Cm. Gray et Kc. Hamer, Food-provisioning behaviour of male and female Manx shearwaters, Puffinus puffinus, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 117-121

Authors: Jouvetin, P Bried, J
Citation: P. Jouvetin et J. Bried, The effect of mate choice on speciation in snow petrels, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 123-132

Authors: Katvala, M Kaitala, A
Citation: M. Katvala et A. Kaitala, Male choice for current female fecundity in a polyandrous egg-carrying bug, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 133-137

Authors: Denny, AJ Wright, J Grief, B
Citation: Aj. Denny et al., Foraging efficiency in the wood ant, Formica rufa: is time of the essence in trail following?, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 139-146

Authors: Kokita, T Nakazono, A
Citation: T. Kokita et A. Nakazono, Sexual conflict over mating system: the case of a pair-territorial filefish without parental care, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 147-155

Authors: Amos, W Wilmer, JW Kokko, H
Citation: W. Amos et al., Do female grey seals select genetically diverse mates?, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 157-164

Authors: Dani, FR Jones, GR Destri, S Spencer, SH Turillazzi, S
Citation: Fr. Dani et al., Deciphering the recognition signature within the cuticular chemical profile of paper wasps, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 165-171

Authors: Cote, SD Festa-Bianchet, M
Citation: Sd. Cote et M. Festa-bianchet, Reproductive success in female mountain goats: the influence of age and social rank, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 173-181

Authors: Stout, JC Goulson, D
Citation: Jc. Stout et D. Goulson, The use of conspecific and interspecific scent marks by foraging bumblebees and honeybees, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 183-189

Authors: Barnard, C Lucas, J
Citation: C. Barnard et J. Lucas, Reference citation style, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1049-1049

Authors: Zeh, JA Zeh, DW
Citation: Ja. Zeh et Dw. Zeh, Reproductive mode and the genetic benefits of polyandry, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1051-1063

Authors: Krams, I
Citation: I. Krams, Communication in crested tits and the risk of predation, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1065-1068

Authors: Walls, SS Kenward, RE
Citation: Ss. Walls et Re. Kenward, Spatial consequences of relatedness and age in buzzards, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1069-1078

Authors: Wauters, LA Gurnell, J Martinoli, A Tosi, G
Citation: La. Wauters et al., Does interspecific competition with introduced grey squirrels affect foraging and food choice of Eurasian red squirrels?, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1079-1091

Authors: Leung, B Forbes, MR Baker, RL
Citation: B. Leung et al., Nutritional stress and behavioural immunity of damselflies, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1093-1099

Authors: Richards, SA De Roos, AM
Citation: Sa. Richards et Am. De Roos, When is habitat assessment an advantage when foraging?, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1101-1112

Authors: Smith, RD Ruxton, GD Cresswell, W
Citation: Rd. Smith et al., Patch choice decisions of wild blackbirds: the role of preharvest public information, ANIM BEHAV, 61, 2001, pp. 1113-1124
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